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I hinted earlier this week that I had some more to share about my love affair with String Theory Colorworks and today is the day! Or at least one of them. In any case, let’s travel back in time to last December. String Theory Colorworks announced their 2015 Sock Club and I was sorely tempted. It’s the kind of club where you get to select your base and in winter I absolutely adore knitting up socks in their Orbit base. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, it’s one of my all-time favorite bases. An 80/20 SW merino/nylon sport weight and always in fun, vibrant self-striping colors. These socks are the ultimate in instant sock gratification and they are wonderfully warm to wear in our cool house. Alas, with other expenses around the holidays and attempting to curb my yarn intake, I passed on membership to the club.

 Fast forward to this spring. With only one skein of Orbit left in my stash, when the opportunity to join the second half of the sock club presented itself in June, I went for it. I knew I’d love it, but I could never have anticipated exactly how much I’d love what arrived in my mailbox.

capacitorMy first installment included a super cute project bag and the Capacitor colorway in my selected yarn weight with a coordinated mini-skein for the heels and toes. That wasn’t all though. It also came with this super cool page-long story behind the colorway. You see, the brains behind String Theory Colorworks are Caitlin, who studied biology, and her husband, who is an electrical engineer. Being scientists by training, they thought it was only right that their yarns reflect their own science backgrounds. For this month’s installment, not only does the info sheet talk about what a capacitor is and how it’s made, it talks about how they arrived at the colorway by combining two scientifically related items for which they already have colorways. It totally speaks to the science nerd in me; the girl who loved building circuits in physics class, who loves to understand how things both great and small work, and who routinely watches science documentaries over the latest rom-com.

The absolute best part of this set, however, is the coordinating stitch marker. Did I mention each skein of String Theory Colorworks yarn comes with a coordinated stitch meatier? Well, Capacitor came with this one…

capacitor 2It’s a teeny-tiny capacitor!

Nerd. Mind. Blown.

The only thought I had when I opened this up was that I was a fool for not subscribing earlier. I emailed Caitlin just to convey the “WOW” factor I experienced and mentioned that I should have joined right away. She just happened to have extras of each colorway in my base from the first half of the club and asked if I’d be interested.

IMG_0566Suffice to say, I added them to my to-knit pile along with a skein of Mercury, a colorway that includes red stripes, for my son loves red and adores the Mars Orbit socks I knit for him this spring. And Caitlin included a copy of the print-out for each installment. I can knit and learn new tidbits about science? Now you’re speaking my language.

Thankfully, we can all rest easy now. I am assured that this winter our toes will be warm, the science-nerd in me will be inspired, and we will have some amazingly bright and fun socks to wear. Just talk nerdy to me & let me knit socks and I am one super happy lady.

8 thoughts on “Talk Nerdy to Me”

  1. Is there nothing so satisfying than finding excellent sock yarn????? These colors are incredible! Can’t wait to see the socks.

  2. I love the idea of combining the art of knitting with science concepts! On top of that the yarn colors look like fun. Can’t wait to see your posts of more finished socks!

    1. I’ve been loving this dyer for a couple years now. The colors and science-y names never get old – I’ve learned a lot from my knitting! I have 2 or 3 socks on deck before I get to these, but it shouldn’t be *too* long!

    1. Every time I am tempted by KnitPicks Felici, I remember the self-striping dyers I’ve come to love and I always skip the KP in their favor. I’m never disappointed. And yeah, I have a freaking capacitor stitch marker now. Hard to beat that!

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