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 I spent Saturday morning sewing a new top pattern (more on that later) and we then took the afternoon at the pool. I’m elated to share that we’ve reached a point where the kiddos and I have a system that allows me to actually swim laps again. The pool open hours plus the hours my husband works paired with homeschooling and the swimming skill levels and ages of the kids has made it pretty much impossible for me to swim laps since we made the leap to homeschooling. It’s been almost a year and a half that I’ve given up my own pool time, so it’s a big deal for me to be back at it. It feels amazing to be back in the water. As an added bonus, as I ease back into a routine that is currently only in the 20-30minute time frame, the kids happily swim for upwards of 2hours. That is a little quiet knitting time for me while I watch them play.

IMG_0459What a great addition to our days on so many levels!

With the help of Mr Knitting Sarah, on Sunday I worked on a schedule for school. One of my biggest challenges with homeschool is that I really want it to be a fluid — not a ‘school’s in’/’school’s out’ kind of situation, but more of a ‘learning is always happening’ kind of mindset. Daily goals are ever-present, lessons are scheduled out with definite plans, but I’m trying to avoid the feeling that we’re punching a clock on learning. That being said, I hear “are we still in school?” and “what’s next?”” about a thousand time per day from my darling children and it makes me a little crazy. As chillaxed as I want to approach our days, it seems my children require a proper printed schedule and that’s just fine. I hunted online for some free templates that I could customize and lo and behold by the time the rain passed around midday, I had created something that I think will work.

IMG_0477I have never been too handy with these types of computer things, but I’m really happy with how it all came out. I have weekly schedules for each kid and a weekly lesson plan (not pictured) for me all which can be edited week-to-week. I worked all three sets up through mid-September and I’m very hopeful that this approach will not only help curb the incessant ‘are we there yets’ from the kids, but also really help me stay on top of the things I need to have prepped for each week so that I will be doing less last minute scrambling. This week was pretty easy because we’re still just running easy half-days to get used to being back in school. Next week will be the big test when we really hit the books with full days. I feel pretty confidant we’re in a good position to really fly this year and what’s more, I feel more like our overall trajectory is pretty easy to handle and the minor additions that change from week to week are pretty manageable, especially with the expert help of my partner. Phew.

That completed, once the rains passed around noon we took our Sunday afternoon outdoors. Between my hubby’s schedule and his slow recovery from his back injury earlier this summer we haven’t done much hiking. It was a lovely late September day… or at least that’s what the windy, cloudy barely 65F day felt like!


There were some beautiful wildflowers along this road-turned-trail and we got to see some beautiful Egrets, Sandhill Cranes, an American Wigeon, some Coots, and even a couple Black Necked Stilts off in the distance, just to name a few of the birds present. By the end, we were all lightly frozen and ready for the homemade chicken soup that was in the slow cooker at home.

We spent the evening huddled under blankets and I knit away on my Summer Sock KAL socks some more.

IMG_0467More on these soon, too.

We awoke to a pretty chilly morning. I’m wearing full-on wool handknit socks for the first time since early June and I’m thinking a whole lot about starting one of the many sweaters I have on-deck for this fall & winter. It was cold enough that Moose required an emergency implementation of “Operation Hot Dog.”IMG_0476We like to refer to this photo as his “Obi-Wan Moosenobi” portrait.

It was definitely a weekend that had a pretty good balance of work & play — I hope you enjoyed the same and are able to face this week refreshed and ready-to-go!

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  1. Wow you’re freezing and it’s been in the 90s and high 80s here in Maine. I think we’re going to get a break this week …… Maine was not meant to be HOT! Happy knitting …. before the middle of September I plan to have my three sweaters done – pretty good for summer knitting! Ben and I didn’t keep too rigid a schedule when we unschooled. He had his reading list and we worked on math together and German …… we also did geography, geology and history …… plus he took a lot of classes with the Older Homeschoolers group. But then again, we didn’t start until he was 13 …… much older than your crew! Hug Moose!

    1. We’ll be getting back into the 80s by the weekend I think. Today, we didn’t make it to 65! August is having some issues here!

      Yes, just with the ages and personalities in my house we need a little more structure, but it’s more relaxed than it was last year already. I’m looking forward to a day when we can loosen things up even more, but I think it’ll just take some time. 🙂

      1. I know – I only had one and talk about personality ……. it was hard to tell who was teaching who most of the time. I wrestled control from him as best I could …..

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