This Week in My Dreams

I’m constantly inspired and tempted by projects and patterns and materials in the fiber arts world and while sadly I can’t get to it all (at least not in a timely fashion) these inspirations are a crucial part of how I stay motivated. I thought it’d be fun to start a little serial on Fridays highlighting a project I’m currently lusting after. I may or may not every get to knit or spin these items. And I reserve the right to not explain myself or expand on why I have eyes for the projects I have my eye on.  I just want to share my most recent lust-worthy finds with you. These posts will be short and sweet & just give us all a little something to dream about over the weekend. 

 Dynastid (the kit) from Spincycle Yarns

Dynastid... the kit!
Photo from Spincycle Yarns website.

This pattern is also available in the Simone Barry’s eBook In the Woods, but the Au Natural + Payback color combination is the version I like best.

What’s your favorite?


8 thoughts on “This Week in My Dreams”

    1. Definitely! I’ve been seeing more dyers selling handspun which I think is awesome. Before I started spinning I remember what a treat it was to get my hands on handspun (and it wasn’t nearly as nice!)!

    1. Oh, I think it’s a stranded colorwork so it’s a more advance technique. That said, it’s one of my favorite techniques and it really depends on the individual knitter as to when they’re ready to take it on.

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