Fly, you fools!

Yesterday was the quintessential summer day. My hubby had a meeting out of town for a few hours in the morning, so the kids and I rode along and spent the morning at a nearby beach.

IMG_0354I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m never quite as happy and at peace than when I’m near big water, preferably with my toes in the sand.

IMG_0360It’s even better when there are terns flying nearby and my kiddos are happily playing together —

IMG_0362Making sandcastles and…

IMG_0368Just generally being goofballs. Having grown up near Lake Michigan, it’s sometimes easy to forget that when you look at photos of this great lake, it could easily be mistaken for an ocean. Of course there’s no briny sea air to cleanse the lungs, but you can’t see across it so the horizon looks very similar and definitely is equally relaxing.

IMG_0379I spent some quality time with my String Theory Colorworks self-striping sock. Essential summer knitting always includes something in stockinette on which I can easily knit while keeping an eye on the kiddos.

After meeting up with my parents for lunch, we headed home to get back to Moose & relax after our relaxing… I mean after being in the sun for the whole morning. I worked on the lace shawl on which I’ve been plugging away…

IMG_0381As it should be, the lace is getting much easier as time goes by, but the rows get longer and longer so it feels like I’m plodding when in reality I probably could consider it cruising at this point.

The middle of August is always a crossroads though. It’s when summer doles out its hottest temps, but you can feel that we’re on the cusp of that breaking point when things will start to cool down, when our little spot on Earth starts to really lean away from the Sun. For the knitter in me, that means an intersection between the lazy summer knitting above and a frenzied case of CAST ON ALL THE THINGS with a side of SPIN ALL THE WOOL. I always feel like in this moment, Gandolf the Grey in The Lord the Rings is talking directly to me when he says, “Fly, you fools,” just as he falls from the bridge Khazad-dûm. Knit and spin it all in haste, you fool, for winter is coming for you.

With this motivation over-taking all reality, my to-knit list is wildly optimistic and overly-ambitious. Of course it is. Of course it is. Shall I share some of the crazy with you? I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

  1. Knit all the sport weight self-striping socks from String Theory Colorworks starting with the awesome sport weight sock club colorways, plus the fingering weight test drive of a new base I’m lucky enough to get to try (it’s amazing!)
  2. Knit a completely amazing Askews Me Shawl with the Spun Right Round DK I have in my stash.
  3.  Knit a Guston for my son (this has been on my to-knit list for two years).
  4. Knit sweater for my daughter (totally random, no idea on any details yet, but I have to be fair if I knit one for her brother).
  5. Knit a Portage for myself using my Green Mountain Spinnery Mewesic.
  6. Knit another pair of red self-striping socks from String Theory Colorworks for my son.
  7. Knit about a million shawls of varying weights and sizes.
  8. Knit up my Ice Age Trail Wrap in Sheepish Yarn Co Super Sport (a raffle prize I won at Cream City Yarn this spring — whew-hoo!).
  9. Knit a Musubi for myself with the Dream in Color Groovy I got for a steal this spring.
  10. Knit a Palladio for myself in the Madelinstosh DK I have in my stash.
  11. Knit all the fingering weight socks.
  12. Knit about a dozen pairs of mittens, especially for my daughter for this winter.
  13.  Knit a Grace Cardigan in The Cyborg’s Craft Room Assockilate in ‘Space Princess’ (because… duh… Space Princess!).
  14. Knit a Drizzle hat with some Plucky Knitter Traveler Sport I have in my stash.
  15. Knit a Lesley sweater pour moi in some Quince & Co Osprey I picked up at Cream City Yarn‘s birthday celebration this spring.

The to-spin list is pretty simple:

1. Spin all the stash.

 I had a pretty intense mail day yesterday, too, just to add to the fervor…

IMG_0383As I set out the yarn to take this photo all I could think was that I really need to get knitting. And spinning. For all of you who — like me — are feeling that urgency through the chill of the early morning & the honking of geese as your little slice of Earth starts to tilt away from the Sun, I think it’s time to listen to the Grey Wizard. Knit and spin it all in haste, for winter is coming for you. Fly, you fools. Fly.

13 thoughts on “Fly, you fools!

  1. I’ve got two sweaters on the needles from last year. I put them down at some point and never picked them back up. Which is sad. But I am starting to get that certain itch…..

    1. I’m glad I’m a winner in your book! And my to-do list is insane. The more time that goes by the more I realize that 1) I think part of me is serious with it and 2) it is insane. LOL!

    1. I know, right?! Just hard to imagine when it’s 95 outside!

      I don’t do Christmas knitting usually — I’m more of a ‘you ask for it, I’ll knit it’ type of gift knitter. 🙂

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