Every Last Bit

As you know, I’m co-hosting the Summer Sock KAL over in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry Group and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the skeins hand-dyed SilverSpun Sock from the Feel Good Yarn Co Summer Sock Club. It really has been an incredible treat. The yarn is such a special base and it’s been awesome to get to knit it up in some truly fun hand-dyed colors.

This month, I posted up a week or so ago about the Rose City Rollers I made with July’s skein.

sskal jul3They’re so cute & fun!

Well, as with June’s skein I had leftovers, but not quite enough for a complete second pair of shorties — my feet are just big enough to make two shorties from one skein not quite possible. Still, I didn’t want to let the roughly 190 leftover yards sit. I thought about making my daughter a pair of little ruffle socks, but I was feeling just a little lazy about deciding on a pattern so I decided to just do an encore of June and make a pair of Turkish Bed Socks with the remaining yarn.

july tbsI knit them up in just a couple days — even though I was traveling and didn’t have a ton of time for knitting. They are such a quick project!

There was a small hitch, however. Somehow, I managed to reverse my reverse stockinette stitch on the little heel edge of my first sock…

july heel whoopsieSee how the one on top looks nice and snug, pulling in a little bit, and the bottom heel top rolls? Yeah, the bottom one is wrong. Whoops! It remains to be seen how this accidental modification will wear — if it’ll be a problem or not — but since I didn’t notice until the toe, well, I decided I’d deal with that only if it turns out to be an issue.

They are undeniably super cute regardless of my minor mishap…

july tbs sideAs with the Rose City Rollers, these are pretty seriously variegated. As you can see the first has more of the dark hues than the second, but I kind of just love that about this skein. It’s totally unpredictable and 100% fun.

I’m so loving these little shorties this summer and I’m looking forward to not only wearing them in warmer weather, but also in my slippers this winter. One more month to go in the Summer Sock KAL, one more skein of the Summer Sock Club is headed my way. You can bet that just like the last two months, I’ll be using every last bit!

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    1. Oh my goodness, yes! And I totally wish more people talked openly about when they make boo-boos and how sometimes we just leave them – I guarantee every single knitter does it!

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