A Little Escape

Earlier this week, we found ourselves very undecided as to what to do with my husband’s day off. I could tell he really wanted a visit to a big water beach and I pretty much always want to be on a big water beach, but we’ve had mixed luck with the two we usually go to on Lake Michigan the last couple times. To arrive and find high water levels and almost no beach or that a school of small fish have washed ashore covering the beach as far as the eye can see is just not something we were really wanting to roll the dice on this time, especially after the hour plus drive time to get to either location. Mr Knitting Sarah has been working extra hard lately and we kind of just needed his precious day off to be fun and easy. So he suggested seeing if we could pop up my parents’ house and spend the night.

We know my parents’ house is always a big hit for the kids — they live in country so there is ample room to run around, there are still bottle rockets from the Fourth of July that my son loves to set off, there’s plenty of room for my daughter to ride her bike, my son usually gets to go fishing with my dad, my daughter manages to talk my mom into having a tea party, and there is almost always ice cream. Moose gets to run and run and run and since there are tons of trees on the property there are always plenty of sticks on which to chew. For my husband and I, it’s just nice to relax and visit with my parents and see the kids so happy.

It wasn’t lost on me, of course, that their house is conveniently located about 5miles from a nice little county park on Lake Michigan. We could have a nice relaxing time and get to a big water beach. It was a win-win! After dinner, my hubby, son, Moose, and I headed out for a little lake adventure while my daughter hung out with Grandma & Grandpa. It was especially beautiful…

IMG_0251I’m not sure who was happier to be in this spot — Mr Knitting Sarah or Moose.

IMG_0253 I think this snapshot is hilarious because they both struck the same pose at the same moment. Like man, like dog.

The late evening sun over the dunes was just stunning…

IMG_0256And this photo just puts a huge lump in my throat as my boy looks so grown up. As kids do, this summer it’s as if he’s being stretched — he’s grown a an inch or so and thinned out considerably. I am bracing myself for the day he’s taller than me, a day I’m pretty sure will arrive in the next year or two.

But I digress.

He found and caught a frog…

IMG_0260This is the first moment he got it situated so he could really look at it — I just love his smile. He & I both love finding frogs and snakes on hikes and consider these precious finds very lucky.

Moose got to swim his great big chocolate lab heart out.

IMG_0254I think normal dogs like to fetch sticks. Moose prefers to fetch logs. Seriously, the bigger the better. Even at home he likes to grab firewood off the pile to chew on. He’s a weirdo.

IMG_0307But he’s a weirdo who understands how to take time smell the fresh air and appreciate these special moments in life.

I looked through the milkweed stands for monarch caterpillars…

IMG_0303But only saw these lovely flowers and…

IMG_0306What I believe are some Canada Goose tracks.

We spent the next morning fishing on the boat with my dad and I didn’t bring my phone or camera. Sometimes I think it’s good to leave those things behind and just be. It was beautiful — sunny with a nice breeze and we caught a number of small fish that we threw back. My hubby almost landed a slightly bigger one, but lost him just as he was getting him into the boat — that’s just how it goes sometimes. We did get to watch Little Green Herons and Kingfishers and Eastern Kingbirds under the buzz of Cedar Waxwings high in the trees at the shore though. I really love watching Kingbirds near the water — they dart out, hover, circle around, hover, grab a bug, and zoom back to a perch over and over and over again. It’s just so fun to watch.

While at the house, for once I didn’t over-pack knitting or spinning. I just brought one project: my Turkish Bed Socks in July’s SilverSpun Sock Nectarine Dream.

IMG_0309I finished the first while watching a Brewer’s game with my dad and started the other the next morning over coffee. I’ve since finished and will have an FO post for you shortly. It’s a good thing as I just got a notice that August’s skein is in the mail — I can’t wait!

All in all, it was a great visit complete with fishing, a big water fix, some quality knitting time, and, of course, some cake and ice cream. What a wonderful, relaxing little summer escape for our family!

12 thoughts on “A Little Escape

  1. Looks like a wonderful time – love the “big water” beach. Did you all go swimming, or just play on the beach? I haven’t gone swimming ONCE this summer, so very unusual. I did bring my suit over to Mom’s one day, but we got busy knitting and never swam. I am impressed that you only had one project with you, and did not succumb to the “What if I finish it? Get bored with it? Lose a needle? Run out of this yarn?” voice that always makes me pack more knitting projects than underwear. 🙂

    1. LMAO! Since we were literally only gone for about 30hours, I felt pretty comfortable that even if I lost something (I think I actually did lose one needle, but had 5 so it was ok) I could make it back home without going bonkers. 🙂

      As for swimming, only Moose went. Lake Michigan is, you know, huge and deep and where we tend to be on its shores on its warmest days it’s only in the 60s or maybe low 70s during really warm spells. So it’s not that unlike swimming in the ocean in Maine from what I remember! Air temps have to be pretty warm to make that feel good — lol!

      1. lol – sorry you lost a needle, but glad you could still knit on. 🙂 Yes, that does sound like ocean swimming in Maine – we have had two cool summers now, I haven’t even gone swimming in ocean, lake or pool this year! But I did just get our pool set up, as soon as it has water in it, I will be in it. 🙂

      2. I take the kids to our local Y a couple times a week – I usually swim for about an hour and then get out and knit until they run out of gas. 🙂 The outdoors water I tend to avoid. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful place! I feel more relaxed just looking at your pictures! Love the one of Mr. Knitting Sarah and Moose in the water; couldn’t help but notice the fabulous gradient shades of blue. Must be some yarn out there somewhere in those shades. Guess I’ll google that! It’s so neat that your son likes frogs. I do, too; my backyard is home to several toads. I like the fact that they are beneficial in keeping insect populations down!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed our little trip! I hadn’t thought of that gradient, but you’re right – gorgeous! Let me know if/when you find it!

      Catching frogs and toads are a family favorite! We love snakes, too, but only my hubby picks those up. 🙂

  3. Beautiful beach! What park? We go to Harrington Beach State Park a lot. The beautiful, long beach there has shrunk, over the last few years, and there is quite a bit of algae at the shore. The south beach has tons of zebra mussel shells. None of this deters us. We still go and disconnect from the world for a day at a time. I like swimming in Lake Michigan, even if it is really cold. Love the socks you are working on!

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