July Summer Sock KAL Wrap-Up

My July Summer Sock KAL shorties took their sweet time being knit into existence. I was busy with the Tour de Fleece, so I snuck stitches in here and there — like at the pool when I sat out of swimming and on longer car rides when I wasn’t driving. That’s the beauty of shorties, though, they don’t take long to knit up.

 I got my skein of SilverSpun Sock in July’s Nectarine Dream at the end of June.

IMG_9832Laurie from Feel Good Yarn Co has been awesome in getting a skein to me a little bit early each month so I can do some test running with the yarn to settle on a pattern before everyone else in the group starts to get their skeins. I have to admit that I initially wanted to go with the very popular Rose City Rollers pattern. I started them and then had second thoughts about how the colors were falling. So I ripped them out and tried the SpingTastic Socks which to my delight were much easier to knit than I anticipated. The patterning looks kind of complex, but the designer, Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter, is pretty brilliant and has quite the knack for good pattern layout and writing. It was flying off my needles, but… it just wasn’t a match for the yarn. So I ripped them out and re-cast-on the Rose City Rollers and this time the pattern stuck.

I got through the heel of the first sock and I was hooked and from that point on I loved everything about the project. They were nice and simple which was just what I needed for this July.

sskal july1Best of all, these socks are totally unique — they are so… so… so July! Bright yellows and vibrant reds, broken up by slightly more subtle colors, almost like some of the colors are in full sun and some are their cousins that are hanging out in the shade.

sskal julyThey are everything July socks should be — lively and wild and a little crazy — from the colors right down to their random repeats.

sskal jul3In addition to the yarn being absolutely wonderful in both color and the always luxurious SilverSpun Sock blend, I now totally understand why the Rose City Rollers pattern has taken the knitting world by storm this summer. It is well-written, accommodates multiple sizes, and is a truly fun and easy knit. I found the fit to be excellent, too. If you haven’t tried a pair of Rose City Rollers yet this summer, you definitely should!

August will be the final month for the Summer Sock KAL and you are still welcome to join us to chat in the Summer Sock KAL main thread and enter your shorties in the Summer Sock KAL FO thread.  Remember there will be a prize drawing for those who finish a pair of shorties in SilverSpun Sock yarn as well as a prize drawing for those who finish up a pair in other yarn, too. There’s plenty of time to still take part!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to see what’s coming our way for the August installment of the Summer Sock Club.  Until then, I’ll be deciding what to do with the other half of my July skein and maybe casting-on a gift that I need to get done sooner than later. I may be able to keep myself busy, but after the last two beautiful months I’ll surely be dreaming of that August skein!

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