6 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

    1. They are Knitters Pride Trendz Interchangeable Needles. They are an excellent, inexpensive set of Interchangeables. I never thought I’d be one to recommend acrylic needles, but I really like these!

  1. I haven’t tried the acrylics but maybe I should. I have a difficult time finding needles that work well with the cotton when I’m knitting dishcloths. The cotton just does not want to slide. I did find that the Signature Needle Arts work better than wood, but now I must try the acrylics! Thanks!

    1. I would say as far ease of the cotton yarn sliding, the acrylics will land between wood and metal. They won’t be as fast as metal, but definitely easier than wood. I just love this set because it’s so affordable and works great. Especially in summer when we’re out and about a lot, I like to not have to worry about my tools. 🙂

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