A Forest, A Lake, A Spindle

We headed out of town on Tuesday as Mr Knitting Sarah had some meetings located conveniently close to where my parents live. It’s always nice to save a little on hotel costs and I think he likes coming home to family instead of an empty hotel room on long days of meetings like that. I had decided to leave my wheel at home and just take my Turkish spindle so it was a mad dash to wrap up the super bright singles I was spinning up on my wheel, but I managed to get them done so they could rest while we were away.


They are going to make one bright/intense/vibrant skein of yarn one day soon!

On the way up, we stopped at a neat little campground/park just a short distance from where I grew up. Hard to believe I’d never visited before as it’s such a pretty little spot.

IMG_0079Complete with a little river and falls in which you can play.

I’m not sure who was happier, my girl…

IMG_0083or my Moose…

IMG_0104I lingered a bit in the woods hoping to see a snake, but was treated instead to a small flock of Cedar Waxwings. I love that flash of yellow on their tails and their distinct whistle-like call. It’s always amazing how restorative a walk through nature can be, calming the soul and quieting all the ‘noise’ that exists in the world.

My dad’s birthday just happens to be Saturday so we were able to celebrate with him, too, which was nice. I upheld the tradition of mowing the lawn for my parents which I like to do — it’s nice to give back and lighten their load when I can. My son and I were also spoiled with two days fishing with my dad on his boat. On day 1 we caught just a couple fish — we got a later start and it got hot in the sun pretty fast and not a whole lot was biting. The second day was beautiful though. We got an early start and enjoyed cooler temps, a light breeze, and a pretty little lake all to ourselves.

IMG_0116We had the pleasure of hearing loads of Sandhill Cranes greet the morning in the distance, watching what I think were a pair of Caspian terns fishing — so impressive!, and a close fly-by by a very beautiful Kingfisher.

Of course there were also fish. I’ve mentioned here before that our son is really inspired by Jeremy Wade & his show River Monsters. We like to tease that we would be the perfect hosts for a show the complete opposite of Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters. We refer to our little fishing trips as episodes of River Midgets and joke — often in horrible British accents — about how we “try” to catch the smallest fish possible.

IMG_0114While it’s true that we’ve caught some decent sized bass from time to time, the Pumpkinseed in this photo is pretty average for us if not a little big. You can’t tell from the photo, but these guys are actually really beautiful with this crazy light teal coloring on them. My son doesn’t care as long as he’s catching something and my dad & I are pretty happy as long as the boy is happy. It’s fun to catch, but mostly we’re happy to be together, on the boat, and with a hook in the water. Catching fish is just a bonus.

In the moments I wasn’t fishing or mowing or visiting, I finished up the mohair singles on my Turkish spindle.

IMG_0100-0I knew I wanted to go with a simple 2-ply for these 2oz, but I wasn’t sure how exactly to actually do the plying. I read a few horror stories online about the ‘turtle’ (the little ball of yarn you make when you use a Turkish spindle) turning into a giant disastrous knot when you try to ply from the inside & outside of it, so I had planned to wind it into a enter-pull ball. But… at the last minute I decided to just give it a try.

IMG_0121And it’s working fine! There have been a few snarls and less than perfect moments, but all in all it’s not too bad and definitely not a horror story. My plying may leave a little something to be desired, but for my first time I think it’s going pretty darn well.

Only a couple days remain in the Tour de Fleece, so I think I’ll be squeezing in one last quick spin before plying my brights and then it’ll be a quick dash to finish up my July shorties for the Summer Sock KAL. What a good mix of taking things slowly and getting things done July has been — here’s hoping August brings more of the same!

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    1. So far, I would say I prefer how a hi-whorl spins to the Turkish, BUT it doesn’t outweigh being able to spin into a turtle I can ply from. I think my Turkish was a little light for the plying I was doing, so I’ll definitely be adding some weight varieties to my toolkit. Definitely give one a try!

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