4 thoughts on “Today on my spindle…”

    1. I was hoping to, but I’ve read some real horror stories of doing that and a lot of recommendations that you wind it to ply it. What’s your experience?

  1. Interesting about the horror stories! I’d heard that you could ply from both ends of the turtle, as well. I don’t have first-hand experience of that, though, because I don’t have a turkish spindle.

    1. I bought the Turkish to do just that, but then was kind of scared by the negative reviews of attempting plying from both ends of the turtle. Tried it though — because I like to tempt fate like that. I will say it’s a little more challenging than a center-pull ball, but not as bad as some folks made it sound. I can imagine a more grippy yarn might yield different results, but the mohair wasn’t really too bad at all.

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