Knitting, Spinning, and Beating the Heat

The past few days I’ve spent a fair bit of time in and around the house hiding from or cursing at the blazing sun and checking in with the radar to see if any of the ‘tornadic signatures’ are headed our way. When not busy with those worthwhile & necessary activities (especially the cursing at the sun part), the kids and I have been working hard to beat the heat. These activities — like making a “theater” and watching movies in the living room — for the most part actually go great with spinning. So I’ve been doing just that. I even squeezed in some time for knitting.

I actually have 4 fresh skeins of handspun, but they just need a couple more hours in the sun to dry completely so for today I’ll just share what I’ll be working on today in between making up chores that I skipped in the heat & storms of the last couple days.

First, the knitting. Part of me wanted to cast on something really heavy — like a bulky sweater just to shake my fist at Mother Nature a little bit and give myself hope that autumn would someday arrive, but instead I kept it together and worked on my shorties for the Summer Sock KAL. I finished the first sock for July in SilverSpun Sock dyed in the ‘Nectarine Dream’ colorway.

IMG_0043The photos is dark, but I’ve gone back to knitting on them a bit in the morning and evening and finished them right up early Friday morning. This dimly lit photo just doesn’t do the color justice though.

IMG_0046The lighting at the pool is much better! I let the kiddos swim their hearts out Friday for the duration of the open pool hours. I probably should have been swimming with them this time because the cool water would have felt great, but my brain needed a little (mostly) uninterrupted alone time, so I sat the swimming out and knit away.

I took a couple days off from my Turkish spindle for no good reason, but went back at it yesterday with vigor.

IMG_0057The great news is that I am nearing the finish line of this 2oz of kid mohair and the spinning is really getting so much easier. The bad news is that I managed to drop my brand new, beloved narwhal spindle and chipped a bit off one of its corners. I’m still a bit fumbly with the spindle and drop it from time to time. It’s definitely all my fault and not at all indicative of the craftsmanship of the spindle, but all the same it makes me kind of sad. So along with cursing the sun & the heat, there was a little cursing at myself, too.

In any case, I went rifling through my fiber stash yesterday after getting my most recent handspun yarns washed and set, trying to find my next spin. I had everything selected and organized and lined up and at the last minute I totally changed plans and decided to spin up my Frabjous Fibers Rainbow 3 Feet of Sheep that I picked up last month at Northwind Book & Fiber on the way home from Minnesota.

IMG_9748Honestly, I’m spinning it because I’m sick of dealing with the packaging. It’s clever and cute and I bought it because I know it’s good quality fiber, but I just can’t take this yard-long baggy flopping all over my little fiber area anymore. This is ridiculous and 100% true, but really I thought it’d be fun to spin up this bright & cheery fiber pack, too.

IMG_0059Originally I had dreamt of spinning all the colors in order and navajo plying them together for a long rainbow gradient. But when I started prepping the fiber I found that the colors were really kind of uneven and because of how they were uneven I was a little unsure with how that plan would look. In the 11th hour, I prepped all the fiber into random sized small pieces, separated the colors into baggies, and I’m now making a totally randomly selected rainbow colored skein. And I thought I’d navajo ply this yarn, but now I’m thinking I’ll wind a center-pull ball and do a 2ply. I just think it’ll be more of a carnival of color that way.

Only a week left in the Tour de Fleece, so I’ve got to get spinning and — you know — all the actual chores and work on my to-do list today, but I’ll leave you with this…


Moose knows how to do Sunday mornings right.

Happy Sunday to each and every one of you!

6 thoughts on “Knitting, Spinning, and Beating the Heat”

  1. I hope you continue to have bad storms miss you, and lots of fun with the kiddos trying to keep cool. the spinning is beautiful, I can’t wait to see that rainbow yarn complete.

    1. It’s resting for now! I will probably ply the last day of the Tour de Fleece or maybe the day before that – we will see how it goes. I can’t wait to see it though!

    1. Yes! They are Rose City Rollers! I had doubts about matching this yarn with the pattern, but they are turning out terrific!

      And yes, Moose is something else! We took him on a hike up a stream yesterday. I’ll be sharing some more classic Moose photos soon – lol!

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