9 Random Things on a Tuesday

Since not all of you are necessarily all that interested in my obsession with the Tour de Fleece, I thought today I share a bit more of an all-inclusive post of random happenings in list form from my little corner of the world. You know, to catch up and what not. Those are always fun, I think.

1. We have a big bed of lilies that my hubby & his parents planted one of the first years we were at our house and they bloomed last week.

IMG_9846They used to be lilies & daisies, but the lilies took over and I’ve since moved the daisies so the entire width of our house lights up with these beautiful flowers. It always makes me thankful that they took the time to plant these flowers and I always think of my in-laws when they bloom.

2. This week Moose finally got a couple of his chew toys back. With his allergies, we had to take them away to rule out their being part of his allergy issues and now that he’s finally in a stable place (knock on wood), I thought it was time to reintroduce a couple toys. He carries them all over, so proud and happy.

IMG_0012I don’t have a photo of him with his toys, so I’m sharing this post-morning belly rub one instead. I might be biased, but he’s such a handsome guy!

3. Although I’ve been spending most of my time spinning, I have been sneaking in moments here and there with my July sock for the Summer Sock KAL.IMG_0010I’m about halfway through the foot or thereabouts. I’m using the super easy Rose City Rollers pattern. It’s just perfect for summer knitting.

4. A week or so ago I tried to teach my daughter how to spin with a spindle. It was literally the day I figured it out myself and I really did not have the language or skills necessary to teach another person, especially a 7-year-old with a limited attention span. Inspired by TdF teammate Jennie, from Kitchen Counter Crafter, teaching her similarly aged daughter, we tried again.

IMG_9997It’s still a little tough for her on her own — the whole when to draft, when to stop drafting and let twist up is not quite clicking all the time, but we’re getting there. For now we’re doing some ‘doubles spinning’, taking turns as a team so she can watch as well as try on her own without feeling like it’s all up to her. Plus, it’s good one-on-one time together. I call that a win-win!

5. We’ve had a bit of heartbreak in the garden this year — just like last year our cherry bushes started showing signs of disease about a month ago. A friend who has some connections managed to get an expert’s opinion who thinks it’s most likely a soil virus for which there really isn’t anything we can do. We let the cherries go while they produced fruit and this week I took the step that I did last year that seemed to help, cutting the diseased branches. It’s a lot of work and really very sad to do, especially since they were bad enough that I literally did not prune in any way for beauty, but just took the diseased branches and left the healthy so they all look like a spastic Edward Scissorhands was set loose to take care of them. Hopefully it helps the plants rally.

6. On the bright side, in a different area of the yard we have a black raspberry patch that has been slowly taking over and the berries started to become ripe about a week ago. The beauty of this patch is that we have ripe berries for a few weeks solid.IMG_9994This is a 3quart contained I picked the other morning — in addition to this, the kids and I probably ate 2pints and we gave a couple cups to our neighbors. Pretty much every meal I just go out and pick a cup or two for dessert. I send a little container in Mr Knitting Sarah’s lunches. My kids run and play outside a lot and I catch them popping over to the berry patch to snag a couple berries in between games. What a treat for us all!

7.  Our air conditioner seems to have met its maker, so we’re going attempt to make it through the summer a/c-less. There will be days that will be uncomfortably hot to be sure, but the vast majority of summer days here are pretty comfortable. We shall see how it goes. A local shop had all their water toys and pools on sale last week so I grabbed a cheap, but effective kiddie pool for about $8 (for which I also went back and got a backup) and a couple slip n’ slides for $3. Oh, and a great blow-up beach ball for $0.59.  The cheap water toys will definitely help!

8. On the topic of weather, I was awakened Monday morning around 2:30 with the first of a serious of alarms from our emergency weather radio including flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings culminating in tornado sirens going off at 4am. Thankfully we are all safe and unharmed (including the house), but the town just south of us was not as lucky taking a heavy hit from 70+mph straight-line winds. It must be summer in the middle west — wild, unpredictable weather abounds!

9. Of course, a July post wouldn’t be a July post without a little Tour de Fleece spinning. I got my June installment of the Cloudlover Fiber Club in the mail at the end of last week and I started spinning it just as soon as I finished my current spin-in-progress.

IMG_0005It’s called O’ahu and it was love at first sight for me. I split it in 3 equal parts and will do a traditional 3-ply with it.

Yesterday was a rest day, but I spun anyway. I finished up my 8oz of O’ahu and started in on a couple batts from Classy Squid Fiber Co. I heard about this relatively new dyer from the Handmade by Stefanie blog or Instagram account — I can’t remember which.

IMG_0007This is Cloudy with a Chance of BFL. It’s always an adjustment when going from spinning top to spinning batts and after getting going a bit, I’ve gone back and prepped this batt a little differently to really get the most out of it. You can see though, it’s a serious treat to spin. I love the mix of grey, navy, and black with splashes of color.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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    1. I’m not sure what kind these are, but we have tons of orange daylilies in Wisconsin. They are often referred to as ‘Ditch Lilies’ because they are in the ditch along almost every road in the state!

  1. Your talent always amazes me. So lovely. I can’t spin, but I sure can buy up all those lovely skeins ; )
    Enjoy those blackberries. Mine should be ripe by the time I’m home from holiday. Yummy

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I think when you have a real love for a craft, it shows. Unfortunately for my budget & small house, I can buy up a lot of lovely skeins just as efficiently as I can spin them — lol!

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