June Summer Sock KAL FOs

With all the drama that occurred this month, this June flew by even quicker than it usually does. I had a small truckload of ‘musts’ to accomplish in knitting and spinning, too, which is always such a great ‘problem’ to have. I’m happy to report that all the June knitting that had to happen has happened — hooray! — and now I get to start sharing all the FOs from the last few weeks.

First and foremost, today I want to share my projects from the Summer Sock KAL. If you’re late to the party, I’m hosting a Summer Sock KAL sponsored by the Feel Good Yarn Company on the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry Group. Coinciding with the fabulous Summer Sock Club from Feel Good Yarn Co, we are knitting ‘shorties’ this summer. While anyone is welcome to join and knit any yarns with any shortie patterns, I’m knitting with the Summer Sock Club’s exclusive hand-dyed yarns.

This month’s colorway was called “Sea Glass”

Photo courtesy of Feel Good Yarn Co
Photo courtesy of Feel Good Yarn Co

And as you can see is a beautiful teal-y, seafoam-y, blue-green.

I cast-on Aero by Sarah Jo Burch

IMG_9587This textural shortie is pretty basic as far as socks go, but had a really lovely and simply stitch pattern. This is my first pair of shorties and — I won’t lie — they knit up very quickly. We were laughing in the group, however, that because the socks themselves are so quick the little cuffs felt like they took FOR-EVER. A ridiculous hang-up for such a quick knit, but still pretty funny.

In any case, the shorties took me about a week to knit up and I’m so pleased with the fit & design.

aero setI really love the simple knit/purl motif…

aero detailAnd did I mention that the texture is asymmetrical?

sskaljuneYep, it is. Such a fun touch, I think.

aerofullWhen I finished these up I had roughly half the skein remaining. It’s a bit hard to get an accurate weight to calculate since the humidity shifts quite a bit here these days, but roughly half the skein left is pretty on the nose, I think. In any case, I didn’t really care to play yarn chicken trying to eek out a complete second pair of shorties, so I went to an old stand-by, Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Turkish Bed Socks. The ones I’d made previously were well under 200yards, so I knew I’d be safe making this pattern with the yarn I had left.

IMG_9780-0The teacher in me loves this pattern because there are so many great techniques you get to use in it.

Another nice, quick knit I finished these up in between time spent spinning and playing outside with the kiddos in just a couple of days.

tbsfullAnd one little detail shot, just for fun.

tbsdetI actually really like the SilverSpun Sock for this pattern as the elastic nature of the yarn really helps to keep these little slipper socks in place.

I got word that July’s installment of the SilverSpun Summer Sock Club is on its way to my home and so begins my search for just the right pattern for the new colorway. I can’t wait to have it in my hands and on my needles!

8 thoughts on “June Summer Sock KAL FOs”

  1. pretty color, and fun socks – nice detail. I love the idea of bed socks, too – never thought of making some of those – but I sure would like to wear some next winter!

    1. I’ll admit they can be a little tricky to size correctly, but once you get it they are great little socks. I like to wear them in my slippers in the winter. šŸ™‚

  2. I love the pattern, I love the yarn. But most of all I love the amazingly meticulous knitting that you do! Wow! Love, love, love.

    1. Thank you! I’m very lucky to have excellent tools and materials to work with. The good-with-my-hands genetics I get from both parents doesn’t hurt either!

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