Gasoline Rainbow, The Handspun

For me when I’m spinning, there are two main kinds of colorways that I choose to spin. There are the ones that I am not sure how they will spin up, but I want to find out and there are the colorways that I instantly know what the skein will look like. Dyeabolical’s Gasoline Rainbow colorway was one of the latter. This braid was definitely going to spin up into a yarn with a palette that just spoke to me. I placed a ‘dyed to order’ order with the shop because I had a vision of it in the BFL Silk blend — if you didn’t already know, I kind of love the seemingly infinite possibilities of the dyed to order option. This beauty did not disappoint!

IMG_8656-0I only got a 4oz braid, so I wanted to maximize the yardage with a 2-ply yarn. I split the fiber in half lengthwise, spinning one half straight and one half I broke into a number of smaller nests to blend up the colors.

What just happened here?! I was setting some fiber aside and then this. #whoops #sorrynotsorry #dyeabolical

This was my first time spinning with Dyeabolical’s BFL Silk and I really, really, really enjoyed it. Today we're just chillaxing and waiting to see if the heavy storms hit us or miss us. So far the storms are a miss, but the spinning is a hit!

 In fact, it was so addictive that I spun the whole 4oz in just a couple days.
And the finished skein, as predicted, is beautiful.
dyeabolical gs1Just shy of 300yards of a sport weight, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with this skein yet.
dyeabolical gs2But with the feel and lovely properties of the BFL Silk blend, I think it’ll make a fantastic little shawlette.
dyeabolical gasoline rainbowOne more detail photo, just because.
I’ve got a few more braids from Dyeabolical fiber stashed in my efforts to work my way around all of her base fibers, a couple of which are in some of her brand new colorways, too. I’ll most likely pace myself through them in the coming months, but I would say this skein is a pretty darn good indication of what is to come.
I. Cannot. Wait.

8 thoughts on “Gasoline Rainbow, The Handspun

    1. LOL! I am slowly, but surely making my way toward knitting up a handspun. I was thinking maybe Caitlin ffrench’s Elk Tooth orTaiga Hilliard Designs’ Echolocation for this skein…

    1. Spinning has largely been an ongoing learning experience for me since I kind of have no formal hands-on training. Just a couple friends’ giving me direction and then a couple Craftsy classes. In the beginning I was pretty clueless about the process and there was a steep learning curve, but once I got the general idea down it got much easier. I will say that I love spinning — it’s by far the most relaxing thing I do!

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