Happy Superheroes… I mean Mother’s Day!

There are few experiences in life that radically change you immediately and permanently. Becoming a mother is at the top of that list. The transition isn’t unlike that of a comic book superhero. Getting bitten by a radioactive spider, having a baby — both are pretty instantaneously life-changing. Most days moms across the world go about the business of tending their flocks with heroic patience, unconditional dedication, and a love so strong and so deep that it’s almost inconceivable. And one day a year we pause to celebrate our moms and say thank you.

Usually I am just happy to spend the day with my family. Today, though, I was treated to breakfast in bed. This plan was hatched by my son who was started out upset he doesn’t yet know how to make pancakes. According to him, I always make him the best pancakes and he just really wanted to do the same for me. My husband helped him out and brought home some yogurt, berries, & oatmeal that the kids could easily put together. They woke me up with big eyes and faces so full of excited anticipation that they could have handed me a plateful of worms and I’d have eaten it.

After breakfast, as we waited for the rain to pass, I was able to finish up my SilverSpun Paper Moon socks.

IMG_9232The ends are woven in now and they are all set to be photographed, but suffice to say the fit and feel of these socks is absolutely divine. Inspired in part by these very socks and some very wonderful knitters in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry Group, I’ll have information sometime in the next few days about a knitalong I’ll be hosting featuring the hand-dyed SilverSpun yarns of the Summer Sock Club from Feel Good Yarn Company. Space is very limited in this club, so pop over, reserve your spot, and knit with us this summer! In the mean time, don’t forget to use the discount code SARAHKNITS to get free shipping on orders over $42 from Feel Good Yarn Company (please note the discount code DOES NOT apply to the Summer Sock Club).

With my socks finished and the rain still falling, I cast on the project I received in my PostStitch box…

IMG_9244Mares’ Tails by Kater Tater Knits in Anzula Breeze, a silk linen blend just made for a summery shawl like this.

With the first repeat complete, we had some lunch and then had just enough time for a quick hike before it started raining again.

IMG_9250We went on one of our favorite short trails that is half boardwalk and half forest. We watched terns, shorebirds, and even saw a few warblers. It was one of those spring days when the green is just so green. As soon as we got back to the car, it started to rain again. We drove over to another trail just to check and see if the bobolinks had returned yet, but they were no where to be seen. Soon, though, soon.

As a sort of Mother’s Day side note, I also wanted to share that I got a special something in the mail a couple days ago…

IMG_9236It turns out I won the Ice Age Trail Wrap kit from the Cream City Yarn birthday raffle last week. Since I wasn’t able to get back to the shop, the ladies very graciously dropped it in the mail for me. A couple days later the pattern & three skeins of the lovely Sheepish Yarn Co Super Merino Sport arrived in my mailbox. Thanks to the timing, it definitely felt like am early Mother’s Day surprise! A simple & elegant design, this will undoubtedly be a delight on my needles in the near future.

I’ll admit that it’s nice to be pampered a little on Mother’s Day — with yarn and knitting time and breakfast and time spent together. Mostly, though, I find myself spending the day thankful to be able to wear the title of Mom. While this is coming late to most of you, I wish all my fellow mothers out there a very heartfelt happy mothers day. I may have never met you, but I assure you I’m in awe of everything that you’ve done and continue to do. I hope you spent the day feeling like the superheroes that you are.

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