Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Lucky Me

Mr Knitting Sarah & I marked our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday. I simply couldn’t ask for a better partner in this life and I’m very thankful for every day we have together, but in all honesty we don’t really celebrate the date. It’s not because we can’t or weirdly don’t want to, it’s that we both agree that we pretty much try to make the most of every day and that in general we do a lot of awesome things with each other and for each other. In other words, the actual date is less significant than the day-to-day living life together.  Additionally, the mister had to work (and then wound up coming home early sick and spending the day resting in bed), so he suggested I take a special day just me and the kids.

That probably doesn’t sound very Earth shattering since I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mum, but because our days off with the mister tend to lead us all over the countryside, we usually spend our days as three at or near home. The plan we settled on originated because I had heard that Cream City Yarn was celebrating their 4th birthday and having a party. I just felt compelled to drop in to say happy birthday in-person. I won’t lie, it didn’t hurt that they have a great selection of yarn and that they’d mentioned they’d have cake. So, we planned a day around getting there: zoo, yarn shop, lunch, bookstore — something for everyone!

After a couple fun hours at the zoo, we headed over to the yarn shop where the children were instructed that they could not ask for cake, but if it was offered they could have some. Much to their relief, as soon as we walked in we were asked if we wanted some of this infamous cake. I let my two delighted kids each pick a piece and as my daughter grabbed the piece with MEGA frosting visions of frosting-slathered fingers touching Quince & Co yarn flashed through my head and I quickly ushered them both to the bistro table out front, far far away from the pretty pretty yarn.

IMG_9136True to the word on the street, the cake was excellent. So excellent, in fact, that these two could not be bothered to pose for a picture. And I’m happy to report that aside from talking one of the owner’s ears off briefly while she was trying to take pictures, they were little angels while I shopped.

I’m very proud of the fact that I walked in with a half dozen project ideas and the yarn requirements for each, so I wasn’t a total slave to impulse shopping. I’m also very proud to say that I did not buy yarn for all of them. What I settled on was…

IMG_9142Quince & Co Osprey in the River colorway for a Lesley pullover from Hannah Fettig’s new book, Home & Away: Knits for Everday Adventures. I don’t think she’s aware of it, but I’m pretty sure she wrote this book for me. Lesley, Boothbay, and the Sycamore Vest are high on my want-to-knit list, so this selection was easy.

IMG_9146I also picked up a bento bag from Ambatalia. These are new to the shop & when I saw a post that they would be available at the birthday party, I knew I had to check them out. They’re made in California and the craftsmanship is gorgeous. Plus my daughter picked out the color for me, so it’s extra special.

The final selection was so tough. There was a promotion for Sheepish Yarn Company’s Super Merino Sport that was soooo tempting. And by tempting I mean I actually physically put the three skeins of yarn for the project in my basket and then my fiscally responsible side reminded me that I had a sweater quantity already in said basket, so the gorgeous new Ice Age Trail would just have to wait. I allowed myself one of the skeins because…

IMG_9147I have a definite weakness for colorways named ‘Horicon Marsh.’

Of course, I threw a third of my raffle tickets (1 earned for every $10 spent!) in for an Ice Age Trail kit. The other two thirds went into a Cane Bay Wrap kit (in blue!) and then a Cream City Yarn logo coffee mug (because who can’t use another coffee mug?). The place was hopping with shoppers, so I certainly don’t expect to win, but it’s fun to play nonetheless. The funniest part is I asked my daughter to look at the 25 raffle items and choose the three she thought I’d like and she nailed it. No hesitation. I love it!

I should also mention free with purchase came this awesome little notions tin filled with some delicious color-coordinated jellybeans.

IMG_9151I skipped the cake, but I totally ate these and didn’t share a single one with my kids.

My kiddos and I left the shop and headed out to lunch, followed by a bookshop stop — the special treat for my daughter — where each child got to pick a new book. As you can tell by the photos, we didn’t get home until the long shadows of the early evening were starting to steal my natural light. I got everyone settled, took the dog for a walk, and made a quick trip to the grocery store for a feel-better-Mr-Knitting-Sarah watermelon (he likes watermelon when he’s sick). And as I reflected on our busy day, I just felt awfully lucky. For my hubby who pushed me to take the kiddos on this little adventure even though he couldn’t be there and for his general awesomeness every single day. For my kiddos who are so good and never complain about the fact that I have to walk really slowly around the zoo and that they have to wait while I take a while picking out yarn. That for my anniversary, I got to visit a store that always makes me smile where I got to pick out some knitting goodies that I really love. And most of all, I feel lucky that tomorrow we get to spend the whole day together as a family. It’ll be a quiet one as the mister convalesces, but it’s another day we get to spend together and that alone will make it pretty great.

14 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Lucky Me”

  1. Happy Anniversay, get well (to Mr. KS), and indeed, lucky you. Although I might change it to “fortunate you.” Why? Because to my way of thinking (and in my own odd lexicon), lucky refers to things that just happen to you. And as far as I can tell, much of your “luck” has been the result of two good people coming together and creating even more good in the world.

    (Not that I want to discount the “right place, right time” element. But you get what I mean.)

    Enjoy the rest of your celebration, in whatever form it takes!

    1. Thank you! If we go by your definitions of ‘luck’ and ‘ good fortune’ I have to say it’d be about 50/50. Combine that with a willingness and determination to find the fun and humor in almost any situation me you’ve got a good start as to how this little life over here works.

  2. Fun day! I hope you win something, for sure. Because you are a lucky (and fortunate) woman. 🙂

    PS isn’t “river’ heavenly? I have a hard time not buying it every time I see it, project or not in mind. 🙂

    1. Lol! I have to agree! Lucky and fortunate.☺️
      River is fab-u-lous. I’ve only ever used it in projects, but when I walked in and found enough of this color in the yarn I was looking for I knew it was meant to be.

  3. Congratulations! We don’t celebrate our anniversary for the same reason as you; we are just happy to be together!
    I haven’t checked out Cream City yet — must do that!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both. Your kids are the lucky ones to have such amazing parents. Enjoy your yarn and happy knitting.

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