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Spring has definitely shifted from being in our queue to being a work in progress here. Earlier this week on Instagram I shared that our cherry bushes are even in bloom…

They are so pretty — one of my favorites from our yard. Thus with the onset of spring, comes the urge for spring cleaning. I’ve spent a lot of the last couple weeks in the yard tidying up, prepping planters, starting seeds, and waking up the gardens. Spring cleaning has struck the Knitting Sarah blog as well. You may have noticed that I made a few minor changes in this little corner of the internet. For the most part, I like the layout because it is easy to manage and suits what I do just fine. I’m really not a very computer savvy person nor do I have the time or ambition at this point to become one, so the fact that I was able to build this blog in the first place is a small miracle. The fact that I could go back into the guts of it and rearrange some things is equally amazing, at least to me.

The changes are mostly organizational — eliminating redundancy and pulling categories I really don’t use & then just flip-flopping where certain menus appear. You know how it goes — once you start tweaking things, you have to get it just so before you can put the endeavor to bed. The only section I still want to ‘fix’ is to make the tutorials more easy to access and then add to them, but that will just have to come in time. For today, I hope the changes aren’t too inconvenient for you — I tried to make them as painless as possible!

The other progress I have to share is much more exciting, I think, as it has nothing at all to do with cleaning. I settled on a pattern for my delicious SilverSpun Sock yarn! Remember the yarn?

IMG_9065Of course you do! Well, I started knitting using the Vanilla Latte pattern and made it about an inch into the leg before I tore it out. It was just not it, you know?

I went to my second choice, Paper Moon Socks by AnneLena Mattison, a free pattern on Knitty. Because I was a little wary of second sock syndrome I cast-on these magic loop socks to work them two-at-a-time.

And by this point…

I knew this would be a home-run. I was really wary of being slowed down by a complex pattern, but these socks are incredibly easy thus far. The cables are all the same, so there is no flipping between left twisting and right twisting cables and I’ve really been able to get in a rhythm with them.

Even having been away from home most of this week and being a little under the weather, I’ve managed to get within about an inch of the gusset increases. The most exciting aspect, however, is that these are out-of-this-world soft. I am completely smitten and cannot wait to have them on my feet. Don’t forget Feel Good Yarn Company has extended a free shipping offer for orders over $42 to Knitting Sarah readers — just use the code SARAHKNITS at checkout to claim this offer now through June 30th.

Well, I simply must get back to knitting. Gussets await!

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