Introducing SilverSpun Sock

I hope you enjoyed the short break from the fiber arts-centric writing here this past week to take that little trip to the Badlands with me. I always feel like vacation does a lot for me creatively. To be in a new place feels to me like being in a whole different world — different color combinations and sunlight, different smells and textures. It really does wonders for reawakening the ‘ol creative drive. I’ve been home nearly a week now, though, and while I may have managed to catch-up on laundry, I’m already buried in more than a week’s worth of blog posts just waiting to be written. I’m not complaining, I feel very lucky to have more to write about than I have time. Honestly, I’d much rather have this problem than the reverse! All that being said, I’m going to start those posts with a new yarn, a new project, and a special offer just for Knitting Sarah readers. That seems like a great way to get back into the swing here, don’t you think?

About a year ago I got to try out a new yarn, SilverSpun from Feel Good Yarn Company. You can read my full review of SilverSpun Sport here, but I can refresh your memory on what makes this yarn so very special. It is spun at NC State’s Spin Lab using cotton grown in North Carolina. This American grown cotton is spun with silver, nylon, and spandex to create an extraordinary yarn. Silver? Yes, silver. For real! The silver lends a therapeutic aspect to this yarn that is unlike any other yarn that I’ve had the opportunity to try out. It is naturally anti-bacterial & anti-microbial and also has some thermal properties that make it especially fabulous for those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, or sensitive skin. The nylon & spandex give the yarn durability and bounce that isn’t always the hallmark of cotton yarns. And for those who like their tech devices, you’ll definitely want to knit yourself a pair of gloves with SilverSpun — the silver in this yarn allows you to operate touchscreens while wearing gloves. No more frozen fingers while taking photos in a winter wonderland! The wonderful Mari Chiba actually designed the Connectivity Gloves pattern for this very purpose (kits that go with this pattern can be purchased here from SilverSpun). Out. Of. This. World. Awesome.

Well, now that you know some of the reasons I love SilverSpun, let me introduce you to the skein I just got in the mail to try out.

Meet SilverSpun Sock.

SSpun2This is the same blend as the SilverSpun Sport — 87% Combed Cotton / 5% Silver / 5% Nylon / 3% Spandex — just in a 3-ply light fingering weight yarn. The stitch definitely is truly lovely with this yarn and it would be perfect for shawls, cowls, and hats. I am going to knit some socks with it this time, though.

IMG_9068I’ve been hiking a ton lately and the idea of having some luxury socks to pamper my feet just sounds amazing. I simply can’t wait to get this yarn on my needles!

As always, I’ll be letting you tag along with me as I knit through Instgram posts and my ‘Today on my needles…’ series. If you simply can’t wait to try this yarn out (and believe me, I don’t blame you!), Laurie from Feel Good Yarn Company has very generously offered Knitting Sarah readers a Free Shipping offer for anyone who spends at least $42 (the costs of one skein of this lovely American-made luxury yarn). Simply use the discount code SARAHKNITS when you checkout to apply this offer to your order. This offer is good through June 30th and I’ll be sure to mention it here from time to time while it’s valid, but I thought it would be nice to mention it asap since Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this yarn would simply make such a special Mother’s Day gift. Along with the beautiful SilverSpun Sock, the Connectivity Gloves Kit as well as the very lovely Pamper Yourself Kit are definitely gift-worthy for any Mom in your life.

Laurie also mentioned that they’ll be offering a Summer Sock Club featuring hand-dyed SilverSpun Sock. What does their hand-dyed yarn look like, you ask?

HydrangeaPretty much GORGEOUS. This skein is the Hydrangea colorway and was exclusive to subscribers. To be notified when the sign-ups for this club will open, all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter here. Spaces will be very limited, so sign-up right away so you don’t miss your chance to be part of this club.

I’m off to go cast-on my socks — will I go with a complex cable or a very simple, easy-to-knit pattern? I suppose you’ll just have to wait & see!