Meet Dyeabolical’s ID Squishy Sport Single + *GIVEAWAY*

Around the time I was ordering my fantastic new fiber from Dyeabolical I received a message from Rachel — the awesome lady behind the shop — asking if I’d be interested in trying out a new yarn base she was really excited about. Of course, I jumped at the chance and in with my gorgeous fiber came a couple fab skeins of the new ID Squishy Sport Single in the Sebastian colorway
Photo courtesy of Dyeabolical

ID Squishy Sport Single is 100% (non-superwash) wool that is grown, processed & dyed in the USA. I have to say that nothing… nothing could have prepared me for the life in this yarn. Before I had it wound into a center pull ball, I had searched a number of possible patterns and when it came time to try them out they just weren’t clicking. I just could not have anticipated how much bounce was in this skein! In my eyes and hands, this yarn beckoned to show off its off-the-charts stitch definition. After two attempts at a certain shawl, I recalled a hat that I thought might require a sport or light dk weight yarn. Sure enough, Alana Dakos’ Sprig Cloche called for a dk. From my early attempts, I knew ID Squishy Sport Single to be a pretty generous sport/light dk weight can really hold its own in the heavier side of its weight, so I thought it was worth a shot.

This was the ‘a-ha’ moment in this project.

 You know it, it’s that moment when you look down at your needles and you know you’ve found it.

I knit this beauty in the sunshine while my kids played and I loved every minute. The bounce, the spring, the life, the energy — whatever you want to call it — ID Squishy Sport Single has it in spades and it is sheer joy to knit. It’s one of those yarns that when it’s in my hands I find myself asking why I ever knit with anything else. It’s that kind of high!

The finished hat… well, let me just show you…

flat hatBeautiful.

hat front viewIt is quite literally one of the best fitting hats I’ve made thanks largely in part to that bounce in the ID Squishy Sport Single.

hat side viewAnd the unique construction of the hat, I worried about a little is my favorite thing about it. I gave it a generous measurement when working in the inches of the main body just because I knew the yarn wouldn’t quite as readily slouch for me as the recommended yarn. The extra couple rounds did the trick perfectly.

And let’s look at that pretty leaf detail one last time…

hat close upI’m smiling. Are you?

As if the hat wasn’t awesome enough, I still had almost half of the hefty 270yard skein left. I couldn’t let that go to the land of leftovers, so I popped into my patterns and pulled out a favorite, Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Welted Fingerless Mitts. These little mitts are a brilliantly simple pattern. I’ve made at least 4 or 5 pairs of them over the years for gifts, not to mention a couple pairs for myself. I worked them two-at-a-time and whipped them up in less than a day.

mitts2Et voilà!

mittsI think they’re just the absolute perfect companion for the Sprig Cloche. The welted detail echoes the edges of the hat’s band and both are just simple & classic.

hat + mittsPerfection.

The best news, however, is that Rachel sent me an extra skein of ID Squishy Sport Single for one of YOU!

It’s true! I will be shipping one beautiful skein of ID Squishy Sport in the Sebastian colorway to one lucky winner — whew-hoo!

To enter this giveaway, simply hop on over to the Dyeabolical website and have a nice, relaxing, inspiring look around (it’ll be hard, but for the good of your tech try not to drool too much). Then, share in the comments section of this blog post one or two items from the shop that you’d really love to try out. Rachel’s just added some new colorways and bases in Yarns & Fibers as well as some really gorgeous new soaps in the Bath & Body section, too. One entry per person, please, but please do feel free to share with your friends.

Entries will be accepted through 11:59CST Monday, April 20th.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, April 21st.

Many thanks to Dyeabolical for making this giveaway possible and best of luck to you!

36 thoughts on “Meet Dyeabolical’s ID Squishy Sport Single + *GIVEAWAY*”

  1. Ah! Gorgeous hat and mitts, they’re beautiful! The color is really beautiful–reminds me of dandelions, which is perfect because they should be starting to show themselves any day now… great timing! (; (they’re one of my favorite summer things, amazingly enough! I know people hate them, but they are pretty!)

    I really love the Kara yarn–it’s gorgeous! I know I have a huge preference towards the mellowed blues and greys, but I can only imagine how wonderful that would stitch up! Moonlight Kisses is also gorgeous, one of my favorite blues!

    Thanks so much for hosting this! ^.^

  2. That hat and those mitts are so pretty!

    I love the Bigger on the Inside (I’m a sucker for a Doctor Who reference) and Kara color ways of her yarns. I also like the sound of some peach belini soap. I will definitely be making some purchases from her site in the future!

  3. Wow! What a shop and what a giveaway! For the yarn, I would choose sock yarn in the Flower Shop Inferno colorway. I’d love a little Sheep Soap set as well! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. OMG – how gorgeous is that yarn!?! I’m in trouble. There are some beautiful pieces on that website. I would definitely try the sock yarn, but the fibre. Joe Rides a Motorcycle (I think that’s the name) in BFL looks super fun!! Had to sign up for her newsletter. I see an order in the not too distant future.

  5. Have used the Dyeabolical sock yarn before in a beautiful blue colourway. The best in stock colors on their website this morning are the Okie Dokey Artichokey and the Sebastian and the Kara in the Squishy Sport Single. Or maybe the Neapolitan in the Super Bulky. I can see a hat with this one

  6. All of the yarn at Dyeabolical looks amazing! I *think* my favorite might be the ID Squishy Sport in Kara, but I also really like the blood orange colorway they show in super bulky. Really wish they were coming to YarnCon this weekend in Chicago, but glad we have the internet to shop from, too!

  7. What a great hat – I love that the band is narrower a the back, so it will stay put! And that yarn seems like a perfect choice for it. I wandered around the Dyeabolical site, which I haven’t done in at least a week. 🙂 Today I seem to be all about the grays – I like DonkeyShane for socks or a nice soft shawl – so any base will do!

  8. Hi Sarah, love your blog. I love the color way Paris at Last. My husband and I plan a trip there next year! The Energizing soap is so pretty and sounds lovely.

  9. Beautiful hat. Awesome website. I am just learning to mKe socks and your Hocus Pocus I’m A Crocus in the sturdy sock yarn would make beautiful socks.

  10. Your hat and mitts are lovely! My Dyeabolical list is long but I would definitely like to knit with Fish Bowl, Lucy, Katatomic and Highlighter Blue. I seem to be going through a blue phase lately. I am definitely intrigued by the Sweater Vest and Pipe soap, and would love to wake up to Dreamsicle in my shower every morning.

  11. Oh man, I’d love to try both this yarn and pretty much ANY of the dyed fiber she has listed….the ’80s Jam and Blood Orange look particularly tantalizing! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. Great hat. It’s very becoming. I seem to hang out at the Dyeabolical shop on a regular basis, with 3 skeins in my cart at all times. I love knitting socks in Tenacious. It’s silky and strong. Right now I’m stalking the colorways, Je Ne Sais Quoi and Riverwalk, both in Tenacious. I’m also lusting after Flower Shop Inferno. The base is open to suggestion, but I’m thinking of a light sweater.

  13. I love Rachel’s yarn! Right now I’m especially itching to knit with Yakety Yak – I’ve never used yak before! The Je Ne Sais Quoi and Yak of Hearts colorways are calling my name. (…and since we’re window shopping, I’ll add some of her wonderful soaps. Sheep soaps – too cute!)

  14. LOVE the hat! I love the decorative brim & you gave it the perfect amount of slouch. As for Dyeabolical, every type of yarn offered in Sid Fishious needs to come live with me and both my kids would go nuts for the Skeleton Mittens.

  15. As a result of your description and photos, I’ve fallen in love with this yarn! Just in case I don’t win this skein, I just now ordered a skein in Taupiary! I’ve ordered from Dyeabolical in the past at your suggestion and I love their yarns! Thanks!

  16. Thanks Sarah for sharing this yarn and your beautiful hat and mitts. I would love to try here soaps they sound so yummy. I also liked the Neapolitan color yarn. I think it would make some nice socks. Of course I want to knit the hat you just made 😊

  17. Grapes of yak and polar vortex! Such beautiful colorways! I will definitely be trying their yarn! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win that yarn! I would make that sprig clonch in two heart beats with that amazing yarn!

  18. I love your hat, it’s been in my queue for a while. Time it moved to the front. Such a great shop, the sport yarn in Lucy and the little Sheep Soap Set caught my eye. lindarumsey on Rav.

  19. I don’t even have to go and look right now since I look all the time and I know exactly what I would get if I could: the Queen’s tea in Targhee fibre, and something in the Gasoline Rainbow colourway like superwash worsted because the colours just pop in that! And some scent. And probably a soap.

  20. I love the construction of your hat! I’ve been drooling over the Steampumpkin fiber for a while; I’m going to treat myself to it one of these days soon!

  21. I’m on the Dyeabolical email list and I was just looking around the shop the other day. I’ve been on a huge yarn-buying kick lately and I ALMOST put in an order… I was so close. But I have such a hard time picking which base I want to buy. I don’t usually buy with a specific project in mind, I just buy what I like and then make whatever will work best for that yarn (I’m very much a process knitter not a product knitter). So it’s the colorways that speak to me. I’ve really been loving Gasoline Rainbow lately, as well as the Kara colorway and King of the Pond. Heck, I’ll probably put in an order right now. !!

  22. Grapes of Yak Yakkity Yak Yak! not only do I love this yarn but the name! Just learning to spin and would like to try BFL Garden of Flowers roving. Love the hat and gloves. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. That hat is fantastic! I love a sport weight and I love rustic yarns- so this is right up my alley.

  24. Have a beautiful skein from Dyeabolical so know how lovely the yarn choices are. I think this offering would be perfect for a baby’s cardigan.

  25. Lovely cloche and mitts! I have a few cloche patterns saved for a future project. Your pattern choice and the colorway are made for each other.

    Dyeabolical’s yarn colorways could keep feeding my addiction for quite a while! Sock, socks and more socks. The WI gal in me loves Big Cheddar and Wicked City Woman (Got to have a little green and gold…okay…and some cheese 😉.) Sid Fishious and Blood Orange are gorgeous too. Clearly, I couldn’t pick just one or two.

  26. The cloche looks fantastic on you! Loving the Kara and Jo Rides a Motorcycle colour ways as well as Okey Dokey Artichokey

  27. Your hat and mitts came out wonderful! I agree that they really look like they’re made for each other.

    It’s so easy to get lost in Rachel’s shop, looking at the beautiful colors. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas socks, and her “Christmas Is Coming” in Bounce Yarn looks like what I’d love to put on my needles for Christmas this year.

    -KnittingDaddy Greg

  28. I would love to try Solomon Grundy in Ego Sport and Queens Tea in Bounce yarn. Both great colors!! Love your projects.

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