Today on my needles…

So today I couldn’t find a skein of yarn for at least 20minutes only to remember I’d used it to mollify the finicky antenna…


No wonder I couldn’t find it as it was basically at ceiling level. And for those wondering, yes watching any broadcast television requires this ridiculous installation. I’m sure there’s a more dignified way to achieve similar results, but we don’t watch enough TV to make it worthwhile.

Then I got just a teensy bit carried away with winding yarn…  Whoops. Let’s just leave it at that.

And then this accidentally happened…  Let’s view this more as preparation for finishing my current WIP than being completely wooed by the warm sunny day into impulse knitting some linen.

But the best news is that I’m on to the leg & cuff of these…  Socks for my daughter that are a direct result of my son bragging about his new socks (which he has been trying to wear constantly since they were finished). 

Not a bad day for this knitter! Hope you’ve had a beautiful & productive weekend, too!

4 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

  1. I think my eyes would be drawn away from the tv screen to that beautiful skein! Love those pink socks, too. Can’t wait to see all your FO,s! Your knitting buddy is so sweet; enjoy seeing pictures of him. My dogs never complain when I go on and on about my knitting!

    1. LOL. Since I can’t find the yarn in front of my face, yes, definitely more yarn is in order. And yes, I laughed when I noticed the books there and wondered if anyone would say anything. We have some eclectic tastes in our house.

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