Catching Up & Looking Ahead

As you may have noticed, this week has been about catching up. I’ve been woefully behind in sharing finished projects since — eek! — the beginning of the year. I’m getting close to caught up though, my dear friends. I am getting close. I have a bit of a traffic jam on the blocking mats at the moment, as usual, with my Saugerties shrug drying and my Artesian shawl patiently waiting for its turn. With any luck, by the time these dry I’ll have another pair of socks finished and a skein of yarn spun.

And then what?

How do you go about choosing your next projects? For me, I always have a running, sliding queue in my head. I think about what I want to work on a lot at random times throughout my days and I kind of let the world around me saturate my decision making. I would say that what ends up on my needles and wheel at any given time is two-thirds planned and one-third impulse. This ratio allows me the freedom to be inspired & spontaneous, but the direction and guidelineshelp me to avoid lulls in productivity and because my choices are always fresh it keeps me finishing things. In short, it’s a system that works for me and I’m thankful I can just go with it.

This week, we woke up to fresh snow two days in a row and are in discussions about a Northern Minnesota vacation this summer, so the idea of an extra warm & squishy (not to mention quick to knit) sweater was on my mind. The possibility of Musubi by Mel Ski of the With∞‍Mel blog has been ruminating in my mind since it came out last month. I really like the tone of the With∞‍Mel blog and find it to be a great spot for inspiration. It just so happened that the perfect storm of store credit & a 40% of closeout sale from Eat.Sleep.Knit landed this on my doorstep earlier this week…

IMG_8585Just enough Dream in Color Groovy (100% superwash merino) to knit myself of Musubi. It is in the Mild Tedium colorway that is anything but tedious. It is a subtle, sandy rust mixed with a foamy green and a soft, warm sky blue. It is the beach & ocean in the morning. It will be my Musubi.

I’ve also been thinking and planning for this skein…

IMG_8588A gift sent from one of the kindest knitters in Maine, I’ve had some trouble settling in on what exactly I want to do with it. This String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn from Blue Hill, Maine is a lovely, lovely teal-y blue and part of me just wants to let it stand-alone with a simple pattern, maybe even just vanilla socks. The other part of me is thinking something like Tanis Lavallee’s Smokestack Socks or Cookie A’s Elm. It will definitely be socks though. Definitely.

I also recently acquired this skein from my subscription to The Golden Skein

For which I have no ideas, but I just really, really want to knit with it because it is divine. And when I say divine, I mean I would not be surprised in the least to discover that it indeed have arrived straight from God to Switzerland to the UK to me. This skein of Siidegarte Siide-Quirlig is 70% silk + 30% seacell from Switzerland and quite literally one of the most luxurious things I’ve ever touched.

Then there are a few skeins of Quince & Co Kestrel in the Pebble colorway… IMG_8595that I’m obviously raring to get to as I’ve already wound some of it. I’ve been so happy with my Kit Camisole in Quince & Co Sparrow that I decided this should be the year I knit another linen piece. This Kestrel will be a Togue Pond tank.

These options are probably enough to consider, but after my latest shawl successes I’m thinking about another…

IMG_8603I’m kind of in love with prospect of the marriage of this Northbound Knitting Merino/Silk in the Autumn colorway and the Sparkleduck Nimbus (an absolutely lovely merino/yak/silk blend) in the Plumberry Compote colorway (exclusive for The Golden Skein) into a Laylow by Shannon Cook.

And then there’s this 50/50 silk/merino from Cloudlover in the Sashimi colorway…

IMG_8601for which I have no pattern in mind specifically, I just want to knit it into a shawl for my daughter. I have been toying with the idea of cabinfour’s Rosarium because I’ve been watching David (aka seattleknitterguy)’s progress on Instgram and I like that it’s a smallish shawl and I definitely like the sweet combination of garter and simple lace. I’m just not convinced it’s the right pattern for the yarn… I’m afraid the color variations won’t jive with the lace. I guess I’ll keep thinking on that one.

Now that I type out my latest ideas, I suppose that whole ‘let the world saturate my decision’ thing is pretty obvious. It is nearing the end of March and my ideas range from a bulky sweater to a linen tank. I suppose that’s the fun in looking ahead though and the joy of the last throes of winter/beginning of spring. Anything is possible. The world is my oyster. Every option is a plausible one. All that good stuff. I suppose I’d better get knitting… I don’t want my blocking mats to catch up to my knitting, now do I?!

17 thoughts on “Catching Up & Looking Ahead

  1. You have some great yarn in your stash! and not jus the obvious skein.. 😉 I would be very tempted to start them all. 🙂 I like the yarn for your daughter’s shawl – but don’t forget the beads! I think a nice soft matte finish or pearl finish white would look nice with that yarn. 🙂

      1. Yes, like little pearly details – very girly! I bet she would like her own Kunye, so she could dress up like you. 🙂 In fact, I am sort of surprised you got the one you knit off of her after the modeling. 🙂

  2. You have some amazing yarn! I am so in love with that gorgeous String Theory skein, though. It’s so hard picking a pattern for such perfect yarn, isn’t it?

  3. I love pulling out stash (or new purchases) and planning what they will be! I love the ideas you’ve got ruminating here, especially the tank top & the Laylow shawl…you’d better get knitting otherwise your blocking mats will be overflowing!

    1. I had better get knitting! You are right! I really like the Laylow idea, too. It’s deceptive though because I keep thinking of it on the timeframe of a one skein project, but it’s a two skein shawl. Those colors though… I think they’d be rich even in summer!

  4. You have some lovely yarn there – they make my fingers twitch and that’s just looking at them virtually! So how many projects do you tend to have on the go at one time?

    1. Back when I was knitting for work, I used to have a lot of projects going at once. Now though it’s usually one or two – one has to be a project that travels well. Sometimes I go to three if I really go bananas with the casting on. It mostly depends on what I’m working on. Because I write this blog, I find that if I have fewer projects going it makes for better writing as I can turn individual projects over faster. If I’m working on a larger scale project though, like a sweater, I usually throw in an extra one or two to keep from just posting photo after photo of a sweater body for weeks – lol!

  5. I guess because you manage to knit a lot of things I had the impression you must have lots of WIPs at one time. I agree that focussing on fewer works better for blog posts. I look forward to seeing what you magic all this lovely yarn into!

    1. I quite literally just sneak a lot of little knitting moments throughout the day. I think fewer projects is definitely better on my mental state, too. If I have too many projects going I tend to get really anxious which is weird, but true. 🙂

      1. I know what you mean, when I get towards the end of a project my mind is busy buzzing with the choices for the next one. I think I should look at how I can squeeze more odd rows into my day. There’s definitely time for more!

      2. I just always have my knitting with me. And I have a project going which I can pick up and set down at will — if you like stripey socks, they are a great one because they are vanilla socks that aren’t boring. 🙂

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