How To Love The End of Winter

There are the projects — like yesterday’s — that take a little time to evolve and there are those that have a more Athena-like birth. They emerge with their destinies clear and fully formed. Joji Locatelli’s 3 Color Cashmere Cowl was pretty much as close to an Athena-knit as it gets for me. I saw it. I knew I wanted to knit it. I got the pattern and yarn. I knit it. And today I’m wearing it. There was no mussing about any aspect of the project, just simple & straight-forward unquestionable knitting.

For this cowl, I used 3 skeins of Miss Babs’ Sojourn, an insanely luxurious 65% cashmere – 35% silk blend.

missbabsThe colorways are Oyster, Hot to Trot, and Pewter.

And you can bet…

That every last second of knitting this was pretty much like knitting clouds in heaven. I won’t say this was a quick knit for me. I think mentally it took me a bit of a leap to knit a cowl that is so incredibly long. You know how you start a project and you kind start an internal timer — a cowl should take me a couple days or maybe a week or socks should take me 1-3weeks or a sweater should take a month or two. That timer ebbs and flows as I take on random projects here and there, but if things start to lag I start to feel it. In any case, this project tested that internal clock  and I actually think it was good for me. New things keep us on our toes, right?! In any case, despite working on it at the same time I was speeding toward the finish line with a sweater I whipped this up in just under a month.

3colorAnd like I said, today I’m wearing it. And — like my impression of the knitting — I’m finding my neck encircled in warm heaven clouds.

3color2I really love the simple details of this pattern — lending texture and color in the most elegant ways.

3color1And that little bit of lace — it’s inspired. Those familiar with the pattern will note that those two stipes of pink at the upper edge just after the lace and before the ribbing are supposed to be the light grey, but unfortunately I ran out. To tell you the truth, I am kind of glad I did. I love that little pop of pink in the deep grey.

3color3I say it a lot here, but all in all I couldn’t be happier with this finished project. Like every Joji Locatelli pattern I’ve worked with, I found it to be very well-written and easy to follow. This cowl would be great for a beginner who wants to take just an extra little step up in difficulty as there are some very nice advanced beginner techniques involved. Striping (and she includes a quite note on working the jogless jog), some basic textured stitch patterns, and the little section of basic lace are all great ways to expand a new knitters’ repertoire. For those of us who’ve been at it for a while, it’s definitely fun in that it changes up enough to keep things interesting. And then there’s the whole wearing heaven clouds around your neck thing that can’t be beat.

Perhaps my favorite part of this cowl is that it’s incredibly warm. In my experience, it would take a small, structured bulky or super bulky design in wool or wool/alpaca blend to be as cozy as this cowl. When worn, the extreme length creates layers of warmth that just can’t be beat. I didn’t realize it when I started out on this project, but it is proving to be the best late winter treat ever. Soft, super warm heaven clouds certainly help me to love every last minute of this winter, I think. So go ahead and bring on more of these subzero temps or bring me three feet of snow, I’ve got my 3 Color Cashmere Cowl and I’m going to wear the heck out of it.

21 thoughts on “How To Love The End of Winter

  1. I have to admit, this winter is seriously wearing on me. It may have something to do with the nearly 10 feet of snow we’ve gotten here in Boston. I may need to pull out my stashed skein of spring green yak/silk laceweight.. The color in your cowl is calling to me!

    1. I think wear y’all in the Northeast are over-snowed, we have been undersnowed and over-frozen. It has just been dry and so incredibly cold. It’s been a tough winter and it definitely calls for using some fancy yarn!

    1. She has EXCELLENT designs. I did her Lemongrass sweater a couple years ago and I totally love it. I have another sweater by her in my queue, too. Oh, make that two. And a shawl. 😀

  2. I love the hot pink against the grey. Very nice color and yarn choice. I just recently discovered Miss Babs’ yarn and plan on getting some more real soon.

    1. Me, too! I just love the pairing. Miss Babs is great — I have some stashed for a sweater as well as a pair of socks. So far I’ve been very happy with her yarns!

  3. I absolutely love this! I can’t wait to cast it on, but my other projects are screaming for me to finish them! I love the colors! So pretty! We’re getting snow today. I am so ready for warm temps and flowers!

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