The Yarn Will Go Where Your Heart Takes It

A year ago — or maybe it was two years… I can’t remember — I took a day trip to an event for my husband’s work. Fortuitously, there was a yarn shop in the town to which we traveled and they just happened to carry Sincere Sheep yarns. I had only read about it, so seeing it in person was a real treat. And it seemed only right that I adopt a skein.

I picked this skein of Bannock in the Deepest Desire colorway. I think this may have been the skein that helped me decide that I might actually be a ‘purple’ person instead of strictly blue — it’s seriously just the perfect dusty purple.

Unfortunately, as life tends to happen around here, it was delegated to my stash for far too long until finally toward the end of last year I wound this skein with every intention of knitting up the very popular Adama. I cast on and got going and it was looking very good. I knew it was a great match, but… it stalled. You know the saying, ‘She’s just not that into you‘? That was pretty much it. It’s a beautiful, well done pattern and the yarn would have made a perfect Adama, but… well, it just was not happening. Maybe the stars were out of alignment for this particular project or I just wasn’t in the mood to work lace. I don’t know. It just stalled and I knew I needed to take serious measures regardless of how far I’d gotten. My heart was just not in this one.

Around the same time I noticed a particular post on the Cream City Yarn Facebook page. Like a lot of you, I follow a number of pages on Facebook and although I’m far from keeping on top of that feed I did happen to catch one in which the shop shared Liz Abinante’s Forest Park Cowl, a free pattern on Ravelry. And I thought to myself, “Hey self, I bet that skein of Bannock would look pretty nice as that cowl.” It only took a couple days before I’d made the final decision. And then…


I frogged that Adama. It was like ripping off a bandaid. And it felt great.

I cast-on the Forst Park Cowl and I knew pretty quickly that I’d made a good choice.

IMG_8279The stitch definition is superb…

IMG_8278This yarn just really makes these cables sing.

IMG_8277And I really love the asymmetrical shape — it really wears comfortably.

I had my hubby snap a couple photos while we were out hiking on Monday. It was the cowl’s maiden voyage out into the world and I just loved wearing it. Warm, but not super hot, I can tell already it will be an excellent choice for hiking. Usually I’d wear it tucked into my coat, but I wanted you to be able to see it a bit better…

IMG_8241And for a nicer picture, I’d have tucked in the bottom edge for a more finished edge…

IMG_8230But I don’t carry a mirror on the trail and my hubby — as wonderful as he is to take photos and as appreciative as I am that he does — finishing touches on howย  cowl will look best in a photo or making sure my hair is tucked neatly into my hat are not things for which he has patience. And that’s ok. You get the idea, I think.

According to my scale I had a fairly generous skein. I managed to add a repeat to the second cable set and I still had a bit leftover even though I maintained the recommended gauge. My cowl has a bit less drape than a lot of the other examples because it is 100% Targhee wool instead of a blend or a superwash, but I’m happy to trade the drape in this case for the wonderful feel of the Targhee — it’s a wool that feels a little rustic, but isn’t scratchy at all and I really love that.

If I had slogged through that Adama I’d probably still have a WIP on my hands and while the finished project might have been beautiful, so is this one. And instead of a WIP, I’m wearing this beauty today. I’m not saying you have to scrap every long project, not at all. I am saying, though, that when your heart isn’t in it, there’s no harm in ripping a project out and starting over. In fact, I think that’s one of the best things about this craft. The yarn will almost always go just where your heart wants to take it.

13 thoughts on “The Yarn Will Go Where Your Heart Takes It”

  1. Lovely color and FO! For me, it needs to be love or I rip! I don’t have enough time to knit to waste in on things I don’t adore. I’m glad your project found its way into existence ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Isn’t the color lovely?! It totally makes me want to get more (that’s the trouble with great yarn, isn’t it?!).

      I think no matter how much knitting time we have, none of us has time to waste on things we don’t adore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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