Today on my needles…

So, tonight was one of those nights where after walking the dog I sat down and found a mistake. A dozen or so rounds ripped and now I’m back on track and getting close(ish) to having recovered all the ground lost to the ripping.

I can’t complain (at least not out loud) for the delay – with such nice yarn and such a fun pattern it could definitely be worse.

13 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

    1. I try to approach it with a very zen attitude, like the weather. There isn’t much I can do about it (once it’s done in the case of the knitting), so there’s no use worrying or being upset about it. Just keep calm and carry on, as they say, right?!

  1. Ripping back in colorwork is not easy. But it looks great now πŸ™‚ Have you mentioned the pattern yet?

    1. I always find the ripping back to be relatively painless… it’s the giant pile of yarn that I create in the process that is always the problem. If only I would rewind the yarn onto the center-pull balls as I go, but I never do. LOL!

      The pattern is Saugerties by Jill Zielinkski — a Plucky Knitter exclusive from December. I usually am not one to deal with the fuss of Plucky updates, but I loved this pattern! Oh, and I should mention that I ordered extra yarn to reverse the colors for this particular kit’s colorway. I’m still indecisive about which way I want to go with it, but mostly I just didn’t want the main color to be light. With kids and being outside as much as we are, that light main color seemed like a poor choice!

  2. It looks good! And I am sure I have mentioned what a fabulous teacher once me – “Why do you care if you have to reknit? Don’t you just love to knit? Does it matter if you have to knit the same section again?” I try to keep that in mind when I rip back. πŸ™‚

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