So today I was doing my time with the Wii Fit for strengthening and yoga and it just so happens that I do this in a place where I stare at the bulk of my stash. I live in a small house, so really this isn’t shocking — there’s only so much room, after all. It is, however, a very happy coincidence. My mind wanders a lot which is probably not necessarily great for my workout except for the fact that it certainly keeps it interesting for me.

Anyhoo, as I was doing the Palm Tree this afternoon I happened to notice this…

Two totally separate projects, added to my stash about a month apart and they are pretty much completely matching. I had no idea until today.

Hilarious, especially since both are next in my to-do list for their respective crafts. Hilarious and maybe a little worrisome since I had them both on my radar, but totally did not put together that they match. Definitely stashtastic, though. Definitely.

10 thoughts on “Stashtastic”

    1. It is not an easy feat, is it? It is ridiculously hard for me to be in the right place at the right time for the updates, but I managed to be organized enough for this kit. I have only used Plucky Knitter yarns once before, but it’s pretty easy to get why it sells out so fast when it is available, right?

      1. Omg! I feel like I am cheating on my other favs. Yes I had to set an alarm so I was on line and ready! Lol! One of my fans on Facebook had me scared. Warned me about cart jacking. I was like wait WHAT? But now that I have it, I get it!

      2. I totally had to ask a friend how these things worked because I logged on the first time like 5minutes after the update and everything was gone. I was so confused! I’m a huge fan of looking on Ravelry for detash sales because it’s less… aggressive & frantic — lol! But, every now and then I’ll make the effort if it’s something I really love. And you are right, it’s always worth it because the yarn is top-notch.

    1. The yarns are going to be a Saugerties Shrug (and probably hat, too) and the yarn is a polwarth/silk, so I’m thinking a lightweight yarn for a shawl. I started the shrug last night. The yarn is pretty darn lovely!

    1. You and me, both! I’m a total blue addict — always have been. They will not be worked together — the yarn is for a Saugerties Shrug & hat and the yarn will most likely be spun up into a nice lightweight yarn, probably for shawl use. We shall see though!

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