Live Healthy, Knit Happy

About 2 weeks ago the company my husband works for kicked off their annual healthy living campaign. Since he partakes in the event, I am unofficially tagging along — you know, these things are always easier when the whole household is on board.ย  Plus, after summer vacation and then an injury early last fall and then the start of homeschooling, my cushy swim 5-days a week routine of the spring which had me fit as a fiddle was a thing of the past and I found myself making some less than awesome food choices & pretty out of shape. The challenge to get back on track was welcome & necessary.

It hasn’t been too long, but I will say I’ve gone whole hog, if you will. I’m using an app to help me track calories as well as ensuring I’m keeping a balanced diet with plenty of nutrients. I really hate using apps for this kind of thing — especially when I’d really like to eat two pieces of pizza and the stupid thing tells me I should only eat one. In all seriousness, though, it’s just slow and kind of a pain to keep it up to date. Perhaps the most painful aspect is that it works for me. It totally works. It’s not like it does anything magical, but it makes me think through all my choices for the day and when my diet is out of whack like it was, I need that reminder. The payoff for getting my diet balanced and my weight back to where I want it and my whole self in a good routine, of course, will be ditching the app. We all have dreams, right?

To be active can be tricky since I have some significant physical limitations, but as my husband reminds me I can’t allow that to be an excuse. I’ve taken to walking the dog daily instead of just playing a lot of fetch with him. We started slow with just a couple blocks and have been adding time and distance as I feel up to it. It’s not that I walk particularly far — we usually take a half an hour or so, but there are days when I just am not able. Wow, though, can I feel a difference already. Wow. Where I used to slog up a hill at the end of our route, last night I was tempted to jog up it. Plus, I’ve been using our Wii for some yoga and strengthening work most days. That 35minutes is pretty easy to squeeze in in the morning or after our school day ends and since I can do it right in my living room, there simply are absolutely no excuses.

All these changes have been hard for me — as a human, yes, but also as a knitter and spinner and busy homeschooling mom. Those couple hours a day that I’m prepping fresh food and walking and doing lunges and sun salutations are precious free hours that I would love to just sit and knit or spin. There are days when it’s really, really, really frustrating because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The beauty of it though, is that as a human being, knitter, spinner, and homeschooling mom, I am feeling great. I get to take this rediscovered health and energy and put it into everything I do. My mind is clearler after a brisk walk with the dog to clear my head. My body feels more open and awake after those sun salutations. The fresh food really makes me feel about a million times better. And when I finally get to sit down to knit or spin, although it’s a bit less time, I am more relaxed and actually enjoy my craft more.

As for the knitting & spinning front, I’ve managed some of both…

I finished up the singles of my Dyeabolical fiber in the Lucy colorway. I can’t wait to ply it.

And as I said last night, on the knitting front it’s been nothing but…

IMG_8026Poppy sleeves. I am about halfway through the second sleeve’s decreases, so boy-oh-boy am I getting close.

The increased time allocated to getting my healthy habits on track has — as I said — definitely taken a bite out of my crafting time. Still, I just may finish this sweater by my Valentine’s Day goal, but it definitely won’t be washed and dried on time. No bother, though. The slightly responsible human me has mostly convinced the obsessive crafter side of me that the time put into my health is a good investment. And this sweater, it will be worth the wait.

8 thoughts on “Live Healthy, Knit Happy”

  1. I am right there with you on the journey. Counting calories and adding in the exercise does cut into the knitting time. But now I am stronger and it is worth it.

  2. Always worth the effort. Sometimes preparing the meal takes longer, but healthy choices make us feel better –so we can knit! ; )

    1. Very true! I was actually surprised how easily I transitioned to better choices. Historically I’ve been more of a bear about it – lol! I think it helps that I’ve tried very hard to find a couple ‘treats’ that still fit with the new lifestyle – like a square or two of dark chocolate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I have to say that your post was definitely a refreshing take on the idea being healthier. I feel like so often people don’t mention the “cost” to working out, the fact is it does take time to do these things, and while we all agree it is worth it, the fact is there are other things that have to give. So thank you, I am rooting for you and all of us who are trying to be healthier, best of luck!

    1. Thanks! I think it can be hard to admit that sacrificing knitting time to be healthy is actually very hard. I think we all feel it because that craft time is such a sacred little release, but to put it in so many words… I think it can be really embarrassing because – at least for me – it felt wildly selfish and a little crazy. BUT, I think the path to success here is honesty… And incorporating chocolate (but that’s a whole other story!).

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