The Shawl I May Never Get to Wear Again

One of the treasures I brought home with me from the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in September was this beauty…

Bijou Basin Ranch‘s Limited Edition Tibetan Dream hand-dyed by Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarn & Fiber. Introduced back in September, these skeins sold out almost instantly and with good reason. With all the softness and warmth of Bijou Basin Ranch’s insanely amazing yak down and the gorgeous color that has made Miss Babs a name we all know & love, this skein was a must-try for me.

Originally purchased for sock knitting, at the last moment I opted to knit myself a shawl with this generous 440yard skein instead. I know how soft both of my Bijou Basin Ranch hats are and how toasty they keep me in the cold Wisconsin winter and I just really wanted to be able to wrap myself up in that cozy yarn. I selected Lisa Mutch’s Zilver (a free pattern on Ravelry) as my pattern of choice and got knitting.

It was right about here that I knew this was a good match. It’s worth mentioning that, as you can see, I used my Knitters’ Pride Karbonz needles for the job and I found them incredibly comfortable through both the stockinette & the patterned breaks. It took me a while to wrap this project up as I was also finishing up some socks and what-not, but once I did… well, how about I show you?

bbr zilverThis photo does not showcase the color very realistically at all, but I’m sharing so you can see the stitch definition  and how absolutely gorgeous those patterned rows turned out. They are imply gorgeous if you ask me. I don’t think I could have picked a better pattern!

bbr zilver1I blocked with my super awesome Knit Blockers, but I have to admit that I couldn’t resist wearing this a couple times before taking photos — it was just too cozy to wait! In any case, that’s why the edges are curling just a bit again; love and use due to impatience.

I attempted some selfies wearing it, but I was having trouble getting the lighting just right so I convinced someone to help me out. Her hair is a bit wild, but so is she.

bbr zilver d smileNeedless to say it was a huge risk letting her put this on because she’s a huge knitwear thief and she tends to have excellent taste when it comes to yarns. You can see that this shawl has wonderful variations in color. From yellow-y greens to deep reds to dusty purples, the overall impression is that of orange, but it is one of the most complex yet cohesive variegates I’ve used.

Now as I mentioned the Miss Babs colorways sold out straight away, but that’s not to say there aren’t loads of equally gorgeous colors. I am personally head over heels in love with Tibetan Dream in the Cobalt colorway. It’s just about the prettiest blue I’ve seen and to imagine it in the yak/nylon blend of this awesome base yarn… well, my brains kind of start to overload.

Speaking of brains, I just happened to notice on the Bijou Basin Ranch Facebook feed that they are doing a special promotion with Stockinette Zombies via their Ravelry groupStockinette Zombies is a popular video podcast that I quite literally just heard about. I will definitely give them a listen to see what they’re all about and I’d encourage you to do the same. While you’re at it, for those interested you can check out that promotion, too.

But I digress. I will stop sharing discounts and giveaway opportunities with you and get back to the shawl at hand.

Of course, the beautiful shawl is super cozy.

bbr d funnyIt took me almost ten minutes to get her to stop snuggling into it like this. True story.

bbr zilver d sideI may or may not ever get to wear this again, but thank goodness someone in my family will be enjoying this beautiful, cozy shawl!

17 thoughts on “The Shawl I May Never Get to Wear Again”

  1. Love it! Every blog post is so wonderful, Sarah. Thanks for sharing your beautiful shawl. Love those blonde curls, your daughter is adorable!

  2. I love the shawl and the fact your daughter loves it too, it must make you so happy to see how much she loves the items you make ❤

    1. The hair is definitely a blessing and a curse – it is beautiful and totally suits her, but it is defnitely a ton of work & requires epic amounts of conditioners – lol!

  3. Yup, nope, give it up, lady. She looks like the kind of person who will cherish this shawl for a lifetime… and LOVE the blog post documenting how she got it in the first place. 🙂 -Sam

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