12 Random Things on a Wednesday

Our family is set up pretty much so that we all revolve around my husband’s schedule. He works long hours which shift a fair bit to accommodate the needs of the business, so when his schedule throws us a curve ball — like Sunday & Monday off followed by a half day Tuesday — we try to make the most of it. By the time Wednesday rolls around I tend to find myself in a reality that consists largely of good memories, an evil vortex of dirty laundry, and cluttered counters. And I haven’t written a proper blog post in almost a week. As I often like to do at times like this (because really I need to get folding that laundry), I’m going to share a few random things from the Knitting Sarah household.

1. Over lunch I started watching my Craftsy class, Drafting From Worsted to Woolen with Jacey Boggs Faulkner. I am blown away by how much I learned from just the first couple segments. And I am already a total Jacey Boggs Faulkner fangirl.

2. We learned this weekend that Moose loves slides.


Like he literally whines and cries and bounces around begging to go down them. He does not, however, like twisty slides.

3. We went for a hike here.


We hiked out to a shelter, had a fire and picnic lunch, and then hiked back out through a light snow shower. I’m pretty sure there are trolls in this forest.

4. The kids have been working on survival/outdoors skills as part of school and building a fire has been part of the ‘curriculum’ so they took turns sawing small logs for the fire.


They are enthusiastic, competent, and careful. It is pretty cool.

5. As I mentioned in a ‘Today on my needles…’ post, I finished up my Kunye shawl and started in on a new project…


Joji Locatelli’s 3-Color Cashmere Cowl in Miss Babs Sojourn (pre-selected kits for this project from Miss Babs are available here). It is kind of like knitting heaven.

5. I went on a crazy organizational bender over the weekend and updated my yarn stash on Ravelry. My fiber stash, however, remains completely not up-to-date.

6. We visited the somewhat local Weis Earth Science Museum and the Barlow Planetarium last week. Both were great and I have to say, I especially learned a lot at the Planetarium show. I can identify at least a half dozen more constellations now than I could before the show and — since we were the only people in attendance at this particular show — we got 1-on-1 Q&A with the gentleman who was running it and he gave us the bonus showing of what it would feel like to be spaghettified. I’m hoping we won’t be running into any black holes anytime soon because it kind of made me want to toss my cookies (along with all the other more problematic ramifications of running into a black hole, of course).

7. I nearly bought this shirt at a thrift shop, but opted against it when Mr Knitting Sarah said he would not be seen in public with me if I wore it.


(If it hadn’t been a weird, distressed layering fabric, I totally would have gotten it anyway, sorry dear)

8. I’m pretty sure I’m going to frog the socks I started last week and pick a new pattern. I haven’t touched them since casting-on, so I think I need something a little less intense right now.

9. I started back on my In Stillness sweater, but mostly I’ve been working on this…


It’s that 3-Color Cashmere Cowl again… I am kind of sort of addicted.

10. I started work on a patchwork blanket…


I’m aiming to add just a square or two a week so I can continue to add to the pool of leftover yarns to use while I do. For those who are wondering (and I know there were quite a few), I am following the Knitted Patchwork Recipe by Martine Ellis of iMake. You may remember that Martine was an instrumental part of the Merry KAL a couple years ago. She’s awesome. In any case, I think this free pattern is very well done and I adore the easy to follow instructions on how to join-as-you-go. It’s one of those situations where I’m thankful someone took the time to write it out, so I can just sit down and knit. I have to say, I already love this little start of a blanket!

11. My husband’s work is hosting a live healthy event for the next ten weeks, so as a family we are using it as a framework to clean up our eating habits and be more active. I have already learned to love the chick pea for which I’ve always had an irrational aversion unless it was in the form of hummus. And I’m getting regularly vanquished by random characters when playing Wii Tennis. Oh, and we’re swimming and hiking a lot more.

12. I’ve been lurking the Alewives Fabrics website from time to time. A lot of new prints have been showing up and after some success last year, I’m dreaming of sewing up a bit more of my summer wardrobe this year.

So life keeps on churning with all its glorious randomness. I’ll be back soon with some FO posts, but until then, may your laundry piles be smaller than mine and may you have plenty of time to click away on your latest knitting endeavors!

7 thoughts on “12 Random Things on a Wednesday

  1. I’m not sure how you get so much done in a few days!! I’m retired, no children living at home, volunteer one hour a week at my granddaughter’s school, and can’t begin to keep up with you! Now I must go fold laundry….

    1. I think this is part of why I share these posts – I usually feel like I am not doing nearly enough! And my husband constantly is incredulous when I pass out on the couch by 9:30 in the evening, but I keep telling him that it’s because when I stop moving I fall just fall asleep – lol!

  2. I love to hear about your snowy walks in the woods. Such beautiful scenery and the snow is so pretty. Here in coastal Virginia, the rare three flakes of snow we get shut the city completely down! As a former school librarian, I think it’s great that your curriculum includes real life skills like fire building, not just math and English. Your children will be so equipped for the big bad world. Keep up the good work.

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