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  1. What do the lines of numbers mean – and do you read them top to bottom or across? Sorry, if that is nosy but you seem to be one of the most organised and time efficient people I’ve come across, so I want to learn from you! Am about to start on the Kunye, having taken ages to decide which skein to use from my state.

    1. Totally not nosy – I am happy to share! I read the numbers just like I read a book, top to bottom and left to right. The numbers are simply stitch counts at the end of each 2 row repeat of the body of the shawl (so each interval is 6sts). Because I get interrupted a ton and pick this up and set it down all the time, this allows me to know where I am at a glance. Plus, where I am right now it’d be really easy for me to feel bogged down in the almost 260st rows, but knowing I only have about 6 repeats to go really motivates me to keep at it. And one last thing, I like having the stitch counts mapped out because it lets me spot check my work to be sure they are accurate. I don’t count every row, but every 5 or 10 I count across as I go to make sure I’m on target. I never used to bother with this, but I have a good knitting buddy who swears by this method and although I don’t do it all the time and the specifics of how and what I count varies with each project, but I’ve come to really appreciate it for projects like this. I think doing this bit of figuring on the front end actually saves a ton of time in the long run. Hope this answers your question!

    1. I have ALWAYS cut corners on counting, but I may be getting wiser in my old age — lol! Or I just got tired of counting and recounting over and over and over again. 😉

  2. Thanks Sarah, you always explain things so clearly. I’ve just been gifted wool and pattern for the Bombasala cardigan by Asa Tricosa. Top down, very unusual (to me) way of working, but very exciting. I recommend you have a look. I suspect your counting method is going to come in handy!

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