Spun Right Round Bootstrap Socks

I can’t tell you exactly when I started following the Spun Right Round Yarn & Fiber CO feed on Instagram or even how I found it there, but I can tell you that after weeks of ogling I placed my first order on October 31st. I know this because it was on this day that Renee — the woman behind this lovely shop — posted this photo:

renee dog
Photo courtesy of Spun Right Round Yarn & Fiber Co

Something about her darling pup reminded me of a beloved dog we had to say goodbye to a few years ago. And you know, seeing this photo of this happy dog just made me happy.

This happy feeling, of course, led me directly to the Spun Right Round Etsy store where I promptly purchased a skein of sock yarn…


(shortly after this, the logo was updated)

and a braid of fiber…


For the dog, of course.

I think it’s pretty obvious how fun & special this yarn and fiber are. As soon as I had them in my hands, I was an addict.

And then it just so happened that we were up at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving when my mum asked what I’d like for Christmas and the shop just happened to be running a sale for the whole Black Friday event. I mentioned it to my mom and she basically told me the amount she wanted to spend and asked me to pick what I wanted. She added a skein or two on for herself and we clicked that fateful “Complete Order” button. When Christmas rolled around, I got to see my selections for the first time…

IMG_7521It was a pretty awesome sight.

Finally, between Christmas and New Year’s I was able to cast-on my socks.

IMG_7581This colorway, called Subway, is part of the Freestyle series which are all one of a kind skeins.

bootstrapThis yarn. As far as fun and spontaneous yarns go, this takes the cake.

IMG_7676I used my first pattern from Lara Neel’s book, Sock Architecture, for this yarn. I’ll tell you all about the book soon in a complete review, but for now I will just say that this pattern, called Bootstrap Socks, was a fantastic partner for this yarn.

IMG_7695With an ever so simple garter stitch detail, it suits this wild and fun yarn just perfectly.

IMG_7698Thanks in part to a day spent resting my sore shoulder and watching football with my hubby, the last sock flew.

And now today I’m wearing these beautiful socks.

SRRCould they be any more fun?

SRR HEELThe heel is a seriously interesting construction — really unlike any I’ve done before, but it was quite easy and feels great on my feet.

SRR TOEI also did a slightly different toe than I usually do — it’s a medium wide toe and it fits extremely well.

SRR LEGI am just in love with the garter strips that run down each side of these socks. As I said, it’s just a little extra detail that really takes these socks to another level.


And I had to include this close-up of the yarn. Just take note how it shifts color with almost every single stitch. It. Is. Incredible. And let me just say, it kept the knitting amazingly fresh as I went.

So what started as an impulse buy inspired by an adorable dog has turned into an epic pair of socks and a stash stocked-up with plenty of beautiful yarn and fiber for bunches of future fab projects thanks to the amazing talents of Spun Right Round Yarn & Fiber Co. I just know that with this gorgeous yarn I’m going to have an awesome time creating!

You can find Spun Right Round Yarn & Fiber Co in the following places:




8 thoughts on “Spun Right Round Bootstrap Socks”

  1. That is such a beautiful colorway. I’m off to check out her Etsy shop now. Lovely enabling 😀

    1. I agree! These socks were fantastic to knit during these dark and kind of grey days! I just wrapped up two spinning projects and cast on… um, 3 new projects. Whoops and/or whew-hoo!

    1. If I understand it correctly, the skein I got is one from her ‘Freestyle’ series which are one of kind skeins. I didn’t know that when I got it, but I think that is the case. If you really love it and want something as close as you can get to it, I’d contact Renee through the shop. I bet she could recommend something that’s close!

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