Matching Stripes + Strontium-90 Socks

I have to say that as the Socks with Sarah official KAL timeline winds down (official end date is January 14th at which point it will go from ‘KAL’ to ‘open knitting group’), I have received so many wonderful notes from fellow knitters who took this little journey with me. I will admit that I never quite know what to say when I hear ‘thank yous’ for this — after all, each of your needles are those that have created these wonderful drawers full of socks. My organization, inspiration, and motivation is so intertwined with the other knitters in the group that it really never crosses my mind that I deserve any credit whatsoever. For this reason, all your kind words really touch my heart in a special way and all I can say in return in ‘thank you.’

My pinched nerve issue yesterday has set me a bit behind in my end-of-the-year giveaway announcement, but rest assured that is coming. In the mean time, I thought I’d share a quick finished pair of socks. I have made a point of not mentioning ‘my number’ throughout the year because for me this KAL was not about cranking out as many socks as I could. It was just about getting back in that routine of including a little sock knitting every day in my life. Some pairs definitely flew, some dragged, and some were somewhere in between. This pair — #24 for those who are counting — was actually leap-frogged by #25, but thanks to their sport weighted-ness they were finished up within a couple days of wrapping up that sneaky #25.

Today I’m sharing with you another pair knit in String Theory ColorworksOrbit base. I will admit that I love telling you how much I adore the Orbit base. It is fun, wears very nicely, and knits-up quickly. If I hadn’t been in desperate need of a new swift, I would have absolutely signed up for the String Theory Colorworks Sock Club in Orbit. Unfortunately, the yarn constantly tumbling off my $1 swift could not outweigh the dreamy idea of receiving Orbit on a regular basis. Sad, but true. If I had to rate them, Orbit is one of those sock yarn bases that would probably make my top 5. I’ve tried a lot of yarns for socks over the years, so that is really saying something!

In any case, I had stocked up on Orbit using the discount code String Theory Colorworks so very generously offered Knitting Sarah readers back in September. I thought I’d be stocked for a good long time, but I’m horrified to report that I have but one skein left. I’m trying really hard not to panic.

This yarn, the Strontium-90 colorway, was originally purchased with my daughter in mind. After a cold snap in November, however, I am only mildly ashamed to say that I decided to knit them up for myself instead. I couldn’t resist.

strontium toesThe colors are absolutely electric — neon & fan-freaking-tabulous.

strontium heelsI also tried something a bit different with these heels — joining the afterthought heel with the color in which the rip-cord for the heel was placed. I think they turned out so much better than my past attempts. I will definitely be going this route from now on.

strontium whole sockNow I’ve been asked a few times lately how I get the stripes to match up on both socks. I am the first to admit I’m not always perfect and there is probably a much easier and/or more efficient way to do this, but here’s how I’ve been doing it.

1. Starting at the beginning of your skein, find the first color change — cut the yarn here. This guarantees I am starting with the full length of the stripe. Set aside scrap for whatever purpose you desire.

2. I cast-on using the Old Norwegian cast-on which is a cast-on that leaves a tail (like long-tail cast-on). DO NOT cut the tail.

3. Knit sock #1 per instructions.

4. When it comes time to cast-on sock #2, find the next full color change that matches where you started sock #1. Basically you will repeat step 1 here, but you are mid-skein instead of at the beginning of the skein.

5. Cast-on making sure the long-tails left for sock #1 & sock #2 are close (within an inch or two). This may take a couple attempts, but it is well worth the time.

6. Knit sock #2 per instructions.

Voila! Your socks should be identical! Obviously this will not take into account if you gauge varies between socks or if you measure the socks differently, but as long as you keep an eye on those basics and compare the two socks as you go it should work just fine.

Needless to say, these socks are an insanely fun addition to my sock drawer. I’m thinking if anything can fight off the February Blahs, it’ll be these neon stripes. Just don’t tell my daughter they were originally intended for her… I think she’d be pretty jealous & I might be in a heap of trouble!

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  1. I loved that yarn so much (from your previous posts) that I ordered some of my own. It should be here in just a couple of days. Squeee! 😀 Your socks look amazing!

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