11 Random Things on a Monday

I was hoping for a more organized post today, but we are going to have to settle for some random tidbits from the life & times of the Knitting Sarah household today. You’ll see why — just read on!

1. Some combination of sleeping on it funny, a whole lot of spinning, and sledding with the kids yesterday has left me with a pinched nerve in my shoulder. It is not exactly painful, just mostly uncomfortable and equal parts annoying and amusing. The worst part — aside from the obvious derailments of my normal routine — is that I will have to put my spinning on hold until it is better.

2. Right now — at just past 3pm — the temp is about -1ºF here. It’s going to be a very cold week here. With our 26year-old furnace (whose lifespan is supposed to top out at 25years), I’ve been stressed out that it would die on us in the middle of the night. We have a plan to replace it, but we’re trying to get through this one last winter with it. As I stress and put in noise reducing headphones so I don’t spend my nights listening for it, my husband keeps telling me it’s no big deal, that even if it does die it’ll be fine. Today my husband decided it was time to prove his fact by picking up two small space heaters to demonstrate that in a pinch we can easily heat our tiny house without the furnace, even in extreme cold. These two tiny heaters have kept out house toasty warm all day with no help from the heater. Our backup heat proven, I will rest easy tonight.

3. The TV show Friends is on Netflix now and I’ve been shamelessly binge watching it when time allows. I’ve never watched more than a few episodes and I’m kind of enjoying the fluff of it all.

4. As I mentioned above, I took the kids sledding yesterday. This is what I looked like:

me parkaI’m so thankful for my parka.

5. In an epsom salt bath this morning trying to alleviate the issue mentioned in #1, I started reading my What If? book. It is exceptionally good. It was a shame I ran out of hot water and had to get out of the tub. For a taste of what it’s like you can check out the What if? blog or xkcd webcomic by the same author. They are pretty delightful.

6. We started School Lite last week (just math plus a few fun games and videos, etc).  Today we went back in full swing which was made slightly interesting and wee bit disorganized thanks again to #1. It’s all good though and I’m excited to be back into it as the kids are just so fun to learn with and teach.

7. Despite prescription baths, body spray, and 2rounds of antibiotics, our poor puppy has had yet another flare up of his poor puppy skin. Now we are going the route of a food trial, so he’ll be dining on a delicious diet of pinto beans and pumpkin for the next 10-12 weeks. He’s mostly just delighted with #2 and the fact that the house is toasty warm. What can I say? He is kind of high maintenance and indoorsy.

8. I checked in on our snake, Jack, yesterday to find him about 3-4days from shedding. With the super cold temps the air is extra dry, so I’ve been checking the humidity and adding moisture to his tank regularly to help ease him through the experience.

9. Bruno, our new betta fish, is doing just fine. He’s a little spazzier than our last fish, but that suits our family just fine.

10. I’ve been anxiously awaiting a new swift and it arrived today. It is stunning and beautiful and I can’t wait to use it. Unfortunately, due to some poor handling by our USPS I will not be using this one and I’ll be getting a replacement shortly. Fortunately, the customer service has been incredibly fast and helpful and sympathetic. This one will be worth the wait — I know that already!

11. I’ve been knitting away on socks.


This was while watching football with my husband yesterday. Today I’ve been working on a very pretty shawl. It’s kind of at that point where it doesn’t look like much because it is smooshed, but…

 IMG_7637It is soooo warm & soft.

Having shared these few random bits with you, I’m going to go back to my heating pad & knitting & fluffy tv watching while I rest my shoulder in my cozy, cozy house. Happy, toasty Monday to you!

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    1. I am very much a science/physics/math lite geek, so this book is just way fun. I think the author does a fantastic job of discussing very technical science & math problems in a very accessible way.

      I’m so glad you like the Sweet Sheep! I’ve been hearing lots of happy feedback, so that makes me happy, too!

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