The Oh Clark! Impulse

I have a confession to make. I made a total impulse buy. I try very hard to not succumb to yarn impulse purchases because I do try to be responsible about my yarn acquisitions and I think for me it would be a slippery slope. When I saw the Oh Clark! colorway from Desert Vista Dyeworks though, I just bought it.

Inspired by the classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it was just too perfect.

christmas vacationLike so many families, ours loves this hilarious holiday movie. We actually just introduced it to our kids last year. We had to take a video of our son laughing hysterically at the squirrel in the Christmas tree part. Obviously, if ever there was a yarn impulse buy for me, this would be the one.

chickadee ohclarkI started these at home and was instantly addicted. I just love the colors and especially that signature pretty little mottled white stripe.

ohclarkmoAnd when it came time for our own Christmas vacation, I knit these babies across three states, finishing sock #1 just as we pulled into my in-law’s driveway in Missouri.ohclarkstAnd a couple days later, by the very dim light of another Christmas classic, A Christmas Story, I finished up sock #2. I added in the heels at home a few days later.

Words can scarcely express how much I love these socks. From the toe…

ohclark3To the afterthought heel…

ohclark4All the way up the leg…

ohclark5I wear them and I am just happy.

ohclarkHow can I not be? From the toe to the cuff to the perfect colors to the sparkly stellina to the fun tie-in with the hilarious movie, I honestly don’t know how these could be any better. I am embracing the Oh Clark! impulse buy and I am going to wear the heck out of these crazy fun socks this holiday season. In fact, I will probably just wear them year-round. They are simply that good. Add them to the long list of my favorite socks — there’s no questions that these make the cut!

14 thoughts on “The Oh Clark! Impulse”

  1. Our family loves The Christmas Vacation film too and we watch it every year. I used to identify myself with the mother, but now the years have gathered, I am more like the mother-in-law! Not sure which one though. Somewhere in between the two I suppose! Hmmm
    Your socks are delightful and look soooo professional and you did that in the car? Must have a very good suspension, I think!
    I haven’t heard of the second film you mentioned. Is it like Home Alone?

    1. A Christmas Story follows a family in the 1940s in the lead-up to Christmas. It’s narrated by the eldest son, a boy of about 7, and is just seriously hilarious. I highly recommend it — a true Christmas classic!

      I can do stockinette in the car pretty easily, especially on interstate highways which are straight and smooth. πŸ™‚ Backroads and roads with lots of curves, not so much. Thankfully the Midwest is lousy with long, straight roads!

  2. Awesome socks!! πŸ™‚ I totally relate to your post… there are certain handknits of mine that bring me such happiness to wear. And some of my favorite things were made from impulse purchases from my LYS!

  3. I have a silly question…how do you get the colors to line up so perfectly on each sock? How do you make sure you start with the same amount of color section on each one?…Thanks…

    1. I actually just shared this on the Socks with Sarah Ravelry thread! I have no idea if there is a better way to go about it, but here’s what I do:
      When I start a pair of self-striping socks that I want to match, I unravel the skein until I find the first color change and cut off the color that comes before. This way I know that it’s a full color repeat (that beginning one I never trust). When I cast-on, I leave whatever tail is leftover attached and NOT woven in (I use the Old Nowegian/German-Twisted Cast-on which requires a long tail). I knit the sock.
      For sock #2, I start with the same color as I did with the first, starting with a full color repeat just like I did for #1. When I cast-on, I make sure that my tail leftover from the cast-on is within about an inch or so of sock #1. This makes the sock come out more or less exactly the same.
      Like I said — there may very well be a more efficient way of doing it, that’s just what I’ve been doing and it works for me!

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