Is it possible for Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond to collaborate on anything not 100% awesome?

I think not. That’s why when I got wind that their new mini-collection, Seasonless was available, I was over the moon. Their last two titles, Journey & Island, were gorgeous cover to cover — both the patterns and photography — so unlike a lot of books where purchasing individual patterns can be a nice alternative, I like to get a hard copy of these little pieces of art in my collection.

There’s also something about these designers who hail from the Vancouver area that always inspires me to try yarn from their neck of the woods. I swear, it seems to me that the Vancouver area must be lousy with spinners, knitters, and dyers. Home to many of my very favorite bloggers, designers, and dyers, my Instagram feed always has something new from this talented bunch and it was about the time Seasonless came out that I noticed a knitter I follow on Instagram posted a photo of a hat she was working on in Sweet Fiber yarn in the Merino Twist DK base and Olive colorway. I’d had my eye on Sweet Fiber for some time and when I looked at this hat I saw a perfect yarn for Schwimmen, the lovely lacework hat pattern in Seasonless that would just happen to match pretty closely one of my favorite shawlettes.

Let me start by saying this yarn is very photogenic.

And there is a ton of depth in the color.

And it is insanely squishy and soft and just amazing in the hands.

Even in the early darkness we face these days, I knew I had indeed found a great match.

The pattern was, of course, very well written and easy to follow and presented in a the polished style I’ve come to expect from these wonderful designers. The design itself — I can’t say enough good things about it.

schwimmenI love the lace motif & border that frame the openwork so nicely.

schwimmen3I love the size and shape.

schwimmen4And the overall finished hat, is simply gorgeous and oh so wearable. It is definitely a slouchy fit, which is wonderful if you are like me and have longer hair that is often pulled up. While the weight and lacework don’t quite make the cut for the coldest days where I live, it is an excellent choice for warmer cold days (yes, I just wrote ‘warmer cold days’) or when I’m snow shoveling and there isn’t wind. In fact, I wear it in the house a lot because I am often chilly in the 66°F at which we keep our house. This hat helps me stay nice and toasty.

All in all, I’d have to say this hat — and the Seasonless mini-collection — is a hit with me. I have already designated yarn for the sweater, Palladio, and am toying with stash options for the shawl Laylow, but I haven’t quite found the combination for that yet. While I slowly work toward those projects (I have a few other things to finish before I can go there), I will enjoy my lovely hat, peruse the Sweet Fiber website and dream of all the marvelous things I could with their yarns, and maybe even leaf through their latest pattern collection. After all, it never hurts to start thinking ahead… eventually I’ll wrap-up the Seasonless collection and will need some new pattern ideas, right?

You can see the details of my Schwimmen on my Ravlery project page here.

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    1. I do, too, but I am trying really hard to find the right combination of stashed yarns for it. It may take some time. Perhaps for the New Year I will haul out my fingering weight yarns and explore my options fully!

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