Cloudlover Quick’s Point Fiber Turns Into Handspun

A few days ago I told you I told you about the special colorway that Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber did for readers of my blog in September. Remember the photo?


And the resulting fiber?


Well, today, I get to share the yarn I spun from my 8oz of this beautiful 85/25 merino/nylon blend.

When I got this fiber, I was really motivated & inspired to make an incredible skein of yarn. Whenever I sit down to the wheel, of course I’m trying to make incredible yarn, but this one I tried especially hard to turn it into something really special. After all, this was inspired by my own photograph of a very dear place to me. I turned the fiber over in my hands. I unbraided it and I considered my options.

What I finally landed on was that I definitely wanted to spin a standard 3ply yarn. I knew this fiber would look especially gorgeous in the nice round shape of a 3ply and I wasn’t really in the mindset of spinning for a Navajo-ply. So I started the process of dividing up my 3braid evenly, so that each could go on its own bobbin in preparation for plying.

I really loved the colors in this braid and I really wanted to create a evenly blended skein without a lot of pooling. So I really, really spent time dividing my 8oz. First, I divided the 8oz evenly into three piles — one for each bobbin. Then, two of those I divided down within their subgroups into very small little pieces, slightly irregularly sized and I organized them as best I could to break up the colors. The third groups I allowed to remain in slightly larger sections, maybe dividing it only into 6-8 pieces.

It was a lot of work and it took a lot of time, but like I said, I was shooting for spectacular.

At the end of the first bobbin, I knew I was on the right track.

qpspoolThe could see it and I could barely contain myself. Of course, it took time because I don’t have a ton of opportunity to spin and when it came time to ply, it took what felt like forever, but the results…

qp3Were kind of worth it.

qp4The bright pops of yellow…

qp1Mixed with the perfect soft blues…

qp2Just a few hints of green…

qp1And some muted browns…

qp6All pieces to this beautifully blended skein of yarn. From it’s lovely colors to its wonderfully round 3ply shape, this is pretty much my favorite skein of yarn ever. I haven’t measured, but I think it’s a sport weight that comes in at about 470yards. The possibilities for this lovely are endless and I could not be happier with how this yarn turned out. I cannot wait to see where this one takes me!

20 thoughts on “Cloudlover Quick’s Point Fiber Turns Into Handspun”

  1. Oh that is just magical! I’m not usually big on neutrals, but there’s so much depth of color and the gold keeps it from being bland. I can’t wait to see what it becomes!!

    1. I agree! Little pops of color that make it special & interesting. It’s subtle, but still bright. So awesome! I am totally trolling for *the* pattern as like a part-time job here!

    1. The white always throws me because it really tames those saturated colors. I love that I’m started to understand how that works though so I can manage colors a little better. Such a fun learning curve!

  2. I’m a novice spinner; thank you for the picture and explanation of the fiber preparation. I will try this technique, for sure! I’m still drooling over your finished skein; truly beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous. It’s always interesting to follow the journey from inspiration to finished product, (well, almost finished…I’m sure whatever you decide to make with this will be even more lovely).

    1. Fingers are crossed on that last point! I agree through, as I mentioned in a previous comment, I always like to write a post as to how I go about my spinning projects because it helps me personally remember how I go a finished skein!

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