On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. It’s the day we take some time out of our busy lives to share a meal with loved ones. We take a step back and appreciate all that we have. I have to admit, I try very hard to live everyday thankful. It doesn’t always work out — like when the furnace breaks down or the car starts making a weird noise or the kids are especially challenging to get studying or the dog’s allergies are raging. It’s hard to stay positive in those moments. But at the end of most days, I make a point of going to sleep thankful.

For my warm blankets.

For my sturdy little house.

For the two brilliant little people sleeping in the next room.

For the wonderful husband who never stops believing in me and supporting me and who is never afraid to be honest with me.

For the crazy dog sleeping on my legs.

For my parents who have always been there.

For a sister who still tolerates me even though I was not all that nice to her growing up.

For in-laws on all sides of my family who are really kind & generous people.

For friends near and far, old and new.

For the gift of my craft that brings me a lot of joy & peace & allows me to meet so many wonderful people.

For my stash, because, you know, it’s awesome.

For all the knitters and spinners out there who I’ve connected with over the years who never cease to inspire me.

For the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen.

I’m thankful for all the experiences I’ve had and all the ones yet to come because they are the building blocks that make this wonderful little life that I get to lead.

I’m thankful for this life and I’m humbled that I am lucky enough to live the life I do everyday.

When I fall asleep tonight, when I fall asleep most nights, these are the thoughts that are running through my head. I am thankful today on Thanksgiving. I am thankful everyday.

8 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving

  1. What a wonderful list, Sarah! I absolutely agree with this one–“For a sister who still tolerates me even though I was not all that nice to her growing up.”–that is so me! Happy Thanksgiving! Very VERY thankful to have found you here online. xx

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