Little Wave

So the story goes that in September of 2013 at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival I splurged on a sweater quantity of Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool.

green mountain There was nothing I was not in love with here. The color, the wool, the spin — everything was perfect.

Then a year slipped away. You know how that happens. The nice thing is that even yarn that gets stashed for a time, I rarely lose enthusiasm for it. I don’t mess about with yarn for which I’m not totally head over heels in love. Anyways, as August rolled around, I thought, “Hey, I should knit that sweater before the next Sheep & Wool Festival.” At the beginning of August 2014, I cast-on, but of course with a different pattern, Gudrun Johnson’s Little Wave.

The knitting was great, the yarn was fantastic, and I was right on time to have it finished by the festival. It was kind of like my version of a Rhinebeck sweater, as I attempted to finish it before that first weekend in September. As I knit away, it became pretty apparent that I would not finish, not because of timing, but because I was going to run out of yarn.

full sweater pre blockAnd so I did. my beautiful sweater done, save the pockets for which I had no yarn. I decided to go to the festival & either pick up the same color or a contrast, depending on the closeness of the dye lots. There was no way, after all, that I would be able to pick up the same dye lot a year later.

IMG_6309When I got to the Green Mountain Spinnery booth, there were two skeins of Weekend Wool in my Blue Jay colorway. I got them home and compared tags. Sure enough; they were the same dye lot as the skeins I bought last year. So miracles do happen! I feel like I should contact religious authority to share this parable with them for teaching purposes. I mean, this just doesn’t happen!

In any case, miracle experienced, I got back to knitting and finished this sweater the last week of September. And then I wore it a lot and kept forgetting to take pictures. Or, more frequently, I would be wearing it in the most beautiful landscape while out hiking and remember I needed pictures, but would not take them. Let me share something less than flattering about me as to why that would be the case. When we go hiking, I’m not usually really dressed for photographs. Generally speaking my husband is raring to go early, so I don’t shower or put on make-up (not that I really wear it frequently anyway) and I’m generally lucky if I get my teeth brushed, let alone a comb through my hair. Once, we visited my friend who works at The Marsh after one of our hikes and she literally pulled a feather out of my hair from my feather pillow. Yeah, it’s not great. I promise, I do have good hygiene practices, it’s just usually after hiking that that all happens.

So finally a week or so ago, we were outside and despite some serious hat hair, my hubby snapped a couple photos of me in my finished Little Wave.

IMG_6781 The buttons are rosewood and I got them from my favorite shop for simple wooden buttons, Anthony’s Woodshop on Etsy. I can’t say enough great things about the work he does — the buttons are always superb — and these match the feel of this sweater perfectly.

One of my favorite parts of this sweater is that garter detail at the side.

littlewave sideviewI just love how it looks and how it adds to the overall super comfy fit.

littlewavepocketAnd, of course, I love the pockets. The undulations match perfectly with the sweater — a detail for which I tip my hat to the designer. I get lots of compliments on that, especially from other knitters.

little wave backAnd really, how do you not love this? So beautiful and in the blue — I don’t know about you, but I think it’s breathtaking.

And here I am again.  You can see this sweater is just a smidge on the big side in the shoulders and it is overall a roomier fit than I usually make. You can see it in the shoulders when I wear just a light tee underneath, but I did want the extra room so I could wear it in winter — to throw over other layers when I run out to get the mail or take the dog out. Or just to stay super snug when it was cold outside. In truth, I love it just the way it is.

IMG_6789It is the perfect trail sweater. The perfect bird watching sweater. The perfect house sweater.

IMG_6847And the perfect jumping in leaves sweater. As you can see, I’m not kidding that I wear this sweater all the time and it’s tardiness being shared here is a direct indication of just how much I love it and wear it.

I thought the pattern was very well written — clear and easy to follow as well as very manageable for any intermediate knitter and up. Actually, an ambitious, committed advanced beginner could hand this one, too. The yarn-pattern combination is fantastic, too — they suit each other very nicely.  In fact, I was so impressed with the Weekend Wool that I picked up another sweater quantity from Green Mountain Spinnery at this year’s WI Sheep & Wool Festival. This time, I picked up Mewesic in the Norwegian Wood colorway and having learned my lesson I bought more than I thought I’d need. I got lucky with my miracle this year, so I don’t want to push my luck. I have some ideas as to what I want to knit with it, but let’s be honest, there’s a fair chance I might not get to it until August. And there’s a good chance I’ll change my mind. One thing’s for certain though, with this yarn it’s going to be one darn nice sweater.

For more information on my Little Wave sweater, please see my Ravelry project page here.

14 thoughts on “Little Wave”

  1. Wonderful yarn, wonderful pattern, wonderful buttons and all together it is simply stunning. Great job complemented with fantastic dye lot luck. Glad to hear you were able to score some more yarn, wishing you the best of luck.

  2. You look very cute & cozy in the sweater! A perfect birding accessory. I am the same way as you when we head out early for any kind of excursion into the wild–I just roll out of bed & drink lots of coffee in the truck on the way. Birds always seem to preen later in the day, too. 😉

  3. That sweater looks great, and great on you. Congratulations on the work, for finding and finishing a pattern that makes you so happy — and for finding those extra two skeins in the right dye lot!

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