When It Rains…

I had grand plans for writing today & getting some of my FOs posted, but you know sometimes when it rains it pours. Last night my husband’s phone refused to charge. It is not a great phone, has already been replaced by the manufacturer once and goes through power cords like no one’s business. We are just trying to gimp along with it until our contract is up, but it’s a phone my husband needs for work, so whatever will be will be as far as replacement goes. It is a sore spot for us for multiple reasons, but when it malfunctions it pretty much always results in epic amounts of frustration for both of us, usually spurring us into an argument that leaves us both thoroughly annoyed and angry. It did not help that my husband had a big presentation today for work that had set us both slightly on edge. Suffice to say neither of us slept super well last night.

We both awoke with my alarm (since we weren’t relying on his phone alarm like usual) around 3:45am only to discover that the furnace had stopped working again. It’s time to replace this behemoth — it is 26years old and has a projected lifespan of 20-25years — but we’d like to get one more winter out of it. That is looking less and less likely, but we remain hopeful. When my daughter woke up I told her what was going on and that I was kind of frustrated. She gave me a hug and said, “Look at it this way, Mom, at least the plumbing is still working.” She was right and I have to admit that my 7year-old sometimes has better perspective than I do. I decided the only thing to do with this day was to put on a cozy handknit sweater and some of my warmest socks and fluffy slippers…

IMG_7105And carry on until the technician could make it. He did and we have heat again, at least for the time being. It seems to be running an awful lot, but it is 18°F with a decent wind here, so it’s hard to tell if there’s some sort of new issue or it’s just cold. I’m attempting to not panic.

So instead of my intended post, I’m going to share some photos of a family adventure yesterday and some fun giveaways brought to my attention a couple days ago. I don’t know about you, but today light & fun & full of hope is just what the doctor is ordering.

IMG_7100So yesterday morning it was about 12°F  and flurrying when we went for this hike. We did not go far, but it was refreshing and quite a little frozen adventure.

IMG_7101We didn’t see much life other than geese and cranes flying and we actually saw a frozen shrew (poor thing!) on the side of the trail.


The kids were troopers though and managed to have a great time, rosy cheeks and all.

IMG_7099I took a rare selfie only to show off  my Bijou Basin Ranch Frais hat. I made it this past summer to celebrate their Outlander inspired colorways, so this was it’s first real cold weather test. I’m happy to share it is easily one of the warmest hats I have, especially considering how lightweight it is. God bless yak wool! If you happen to have a similar love of yak wool or want to know more, I recently learned that the folks at Bijou Basin Ranch have a 3-part video series sharing their story and introducing you to their herd! How fun! You can find the video here on their blog. On the same post, they also are hosting a giveaway — for a chance to win a beautiful and no doubt super warm 100% Yak Yarn Wrap, all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog post!

Almost as quickly as the cold, wintry air hit it seems that my hands dried right out. Ouch. I went straight for my LaviShea Lotion Bars for their healing magic. I wrote about them in August and it just so happens I got a little note in my inbox that let me know that not only do they have a couple new scents available — including a seasonal scent, winterberry — but they are hosting a giveaway, too!  Five lucky readers will receive a free pattern from Amy Herzog’s CustomFit sweater generator — all you have to do is hop over to this blog post and share your fave LaviShea scent.

I hope our smiles from the frozen tundra here and the chance to win a couple prizes brightened your day today. Like I said, I think today called for something light & fun & full of hope. I hope your Tuesday is warm & cozy and soon to be enhanced with some yak wool & lotion bars & CustomFit sweater — my fingers are crossed for you! I know the bad stuff sometimes rains & pours, but I think the good stuff can do the same!

8 thoughts on “When It Rains…

  1. Our heater stopped working this morning, too. I was rushing in & out of the house hauling wood like a crazy person & trying to get the wood stove going as the thermostat registered 56 inside, yikes! I think your daughter absolutely has the right attitude, one that is often hard to maintain as an adult-in-charge when cr*p hits the fan. I like your outlook, too–the good stuff can come in spades just like the bad! Beautiful selfie!

    1. We benefit from a very tiny house & pretty good insulation, so the lowest we got was 59. We don’t have a woodstove backup in the house (but we do in the boathouse/shed), so we were stuck. Luckily the the tech had some concellations so we got bumped up in the service line twice. Thank goodness! I try very hard to remember we’ve been in our house 11yeats and this is the first yar we’ve needed any service for the thing – that is a whole lot of good fortune right there!

  2. If there’s one thing I can’t stand since my husband moved to the nursing home – and even before when he couldn’t do anything any longer, it’s stuff breaking in the house. So far I have a dishwasher that doesn’t work, a garbage disposal that gave up the fight and ….. nothing else yet. Cross your fingers and say a prayer – that furnace will last another season ……. and I’m praying the same. Eighteen degrees is COLD so yes it will run forever …….. not to worry …… it will soon be 85. Again.

    1. Isn’t broken stuff in the house the worst?! Followed closely by car repairs! I think we are just at the point in our house when things are starting to go — we had a very good 11year run – lol! Here’s hoping we can space out replacing things!

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