A Simple Sunday

This morning we awoke to our first real snow on the ground. It’s only a half inch, but it’s enough to motivate me to bake up some early morning chocolate chip muffins and get the kids & I suit up in snow boots, snow pants, big coats, hats, & mittens and we were out the by 8am. The pup came, too, but he is of happy without all the cold weather accoutrements. The kiddos got right to playing while I shoveled our walk & the neighbors’ and filled the bird feeders. I’m glad I took the time on the latter chore as along with our usual  hoard of English house sparrows and the downy woodpecker that visits daily, we had our first juncos actually at the feeders as well as my first of year pine siskin. Since I can be a little challenged identifying pine siskins, I was pretty pleased to see & recognize that little guy!

In the snow, my son built a dug-out snow fort (not a tunnel, which is of course dangerous, just a big hole in a snow pile accumulated by the snow removal that came through early), then due to the very light accumulation he constructed a frame for a ‘fortress’ out of Jerusalem artichoke stalks for his little sister. The dog promptly recognized the ‘fortress’ as a jump and went bananas hurdling over it. Better yet, our fearless pup ambushed my son in his fort, tearing straight for my boy in his little dugout and then leaping into it. True snow day fun — I just can’t wait until we have a little more of the white stuff! I’d have snapped some photos, but I’m a true believer that sometimes it’s important to leave the phone and camera inside and just play. That’s just me.

I will hopefully get a fair bit of photography done this week as I am at least 5 or 6 finished projects behind sharing with you. Today though, I thought I’d share just a couple shots of what I’ve been working on this week.

I finished my first Quick’s Point sock… IMG_7082I’ll give you more details once the pair is done, but for now, just check out those colors…

IMG_7083This, of course, is Cloudlover yarn & as always I will remind you that we have the Cloudlover coupon code SOCKSWITHSARAH that is good for 15% off of your order through the end of the year. Club Subscriptions for December through February just went live, too. Club subscriptions don’t qualify for the 15% off, but they are an excellent deal. It’s probably time to treat that special knitter or spinner in your life to my favorite yarn & fiber club! As for the Quick’s Point pattern, I’m using Clare Devine’s Tarsi-Grande. I’m really loving it, but I’m taking my time on them — we’re talking multiple days just to get the second sock cast-on — as I realized I was running a bit short on time for knitting a gift and had to start that asap.

It took me a few days to find just what I was looking for, but I finally settled on Bristol Ivy’s Sallah Cowl from Knitty, Winter 2012. It is easily the most photogenic project I’ve ever knit…

IMG_7084This is the limited edition Madelinetosh Twist Light Care colorway. If you hadn’t heard, this skein is special in that 100% of the profits go to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres or MSF) in an effort to raise $10K for the organization. Beautiful yarn + a good cause = a no-brainer, right?!  When the ladies from Cream City Yarn announced on Facebook that they’d be getting it in, I got in touch with them and they got mine in the mail for me straight away. I was planning to knit socks with it, but when I started searching for just the right gift idea, well, I saw this pattern and looked at this yarn and knew there would be no socks made from this skein. I am anything but disappointed with the results. I am, however, a bit jealous of the recipient. I am currently employing a fair bit of willpower trying to not buy another skein for myself.

Well, with the snow shoveled and the kids and pup exercised, I’m planning to hunker down under some blankets today and get a bit of knitting done. As for said knitting, I’ve just got about the last quarter of the Sallah cowl proper to go and I’m hoping to get started on my Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Hat KAL later today or early tomorrow, too, as it officially kicked off yesterday. Oh, with yarn like this… how can I resist? IMG_7070I’ll be hanging with this guy…

IMG_7087Another flare-up on his skin has landed him back in his cone — Poor baby! (And yes, he did crack his cone yesterday running into furniture and I mended it with duct tape.) He got an abundance of fetching in this morning in the fresh snow, so he’s an especially sleepy & content patient. Here’s hoping for a continuation of this simple Sunday, for a healing pup, & lots of knitting progress this afternoon!

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  1. My younger two had a similar Sunday afternoon albeit with less snow. I think we only got about an inch, maybe an inch & a half. And then blew all over the place today and now most of the yard is bare. A perfect day for knitting! Hope your pup feels better soon. Thank goodness for duct tape..

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