As you know, this week started off a little rocky & emotional for me, but it has shaped up to be down right A-OK despite that fact that we suffered Daylight Savings over the weekend. This biannual event never really effected me until I had kids. Personally, when I was on my own I would make sure I set the clocks accordingly and I might be a little sleepy the day after, but with kids it is a complete crapshoot. We’ve had Daylight Savings experiences that were completely disasters for days and those that went barely noticed. And we’ve had those times, like this week, where it starts out ok — we set the clocks back before going to bed Saturday and we all managed to carry on Sunday and Monday relatively normally. Well, physically we were normal, but my son was so disturbed by this arcane rule that he kept randomly bringing it up, “Ahhh! Don’t the lawmakers understand how awful this is! Don’t they get that no one likes this?!  What were they thinking when they created this?!” My boy isn’t fond of change.

Anyhoo, rants aside we were ok until Tuesday. Then the whole house was up at 4am.

Working at making lemonade with the Daylight Savings time lemons, my husband and I started scheming about taking the kids on a night hike. After all, being out after dark is pretty much the biggest bonus of the time change.

IMG_6985We started out just before dusk, as the moon was just lighting up and night was just beginning to rise.

IMG_6987Of course, the camera stopped wanting to focus pretty quickly…

IMG_6989But you get the idea. It was dark. The moon was bright…

But not quite as bright as these smiles. We haven’t done a ton of night hiking, so this was a pretty big deal to these little adventurers. They were kind of freaked out at first, but the familiar sounds of the surrounding birds were comforting.

We had hopes of seeing a some coyote or perhaps some deer, but no mammals made themselves known. We did hear a pair of Great-Horned Owls calling and the hoards of Sandhill Cranes bellowing the sun to sleep. We got to use our ears to hear the difference between geese and ducks flying overhead. And we even got to hear a mystery bird fly over — the size of a bittern, but making a heron-like call. We’ll never know for sure.

I was bundled accordingly…

And managed to lose the tip of my walking stick in some muck — thank goodness they’re replaceable!

The night was quite chilly, but extraordinarily beautiful. We made it back to the car just as the very last bits of sunshine faded.

IMG_6991What a wonderful little mini-adventure on a magical night.  Sometimes those lemons, and their lemonade, just hit the spot.

Many thanks to my hubby for the family pics!

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