Retort, from the Conversation Socks Collection

I woke up yesterday morning to find that my furnace was failing to make heat. The fan was working, but it was blowing nothing but cool air. With temps hovering right around freezing outside, I was thankful that at least it decided to have an issue when the house could pretty easily hold at 64 or 65ºF without adding any heat. At least it wasn’t January in the middle of a polar vortex and -20ºF!  It was chilly, but nothing some socks and a sweater couldn’t handle.

Speaking of cozy socks, at the beginning of the month I invited fellow Socks with Sarah knitters — and any knitters, really — to join in the Conversation Socks KAL hosted by Knitter’s Pride. I’ve been really excited to have had some company in tagging along in this KAL here on the blog and in the Socks with Sarah discussion thread. Personally, it helped me stay on track with my knitting a little bit on socks every day (minus that brief hiatus to finish the dolls for my daughter, of course). In any case, you may recall that I opted to knit up the Retort Socks — I really like the pattern and I also have been sitting on this skein for quite a while…

IMG_6546It’s Lorna’s Laces Sportmate in the Arlington colorway. I was mildly concerned that this skein would be short on yardage, but I went for it anyway.

IMG_6611Since it’s a KAL hosted by Knitter’s Pride, it seemed only fair that I knit with my Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina needles. I reviewed them here, but I will say again, they are a really excellent set of needles with which to work. I am new to Knitter’s Pride needles and simply put I’ve been impressed.

arlington20True to the author’s notes on these socks, they were really a relaxing knit. I’ll be honest, there’s one repeat where I got a wee bit too comfortable and I shorted it a knit round. Whoops! But oh well, that’s my little imperfection on this sock. I can live with that.

Overall, the finished project…

retort detailIt’s another one of those pairs of socks that I couldn’t have dreamed up a better yarn + pattern match if I tried.

retort footNow you’ll notice I did diverge from the pattern just a bit and I carried the stitch pattern down the top of the foot. Sport weight socks can be tough — they are often just on the thresh hold of being comfortable in shoes and continuing the pattern might very well make that impossible with the little added bulk. Since I’m not too concerned with that and I prefer staying in pattern until the toe shaping, I went for it. I think the results are great.

retort wholeI had mentioned that I was worried I’d be short on yardage, but it was not an issue.  According to my weigh-ins before and after I had about 20yards leftover, so it was barely even close!

I will admit that yesterday morning with the furnace on the fritz, I was beyond excited to have tagged along in this KAL. Thankful to have nice warm socks in my slippers while the repairmen worked on my ancient furnace, the only thing to top the pure sock joy was that they were able to replace a relatively inexpensive part and get the behemoth to spew hot air again. It just goes to show, sometimes there really can be a happy ending after a not-so-great start to your day. And in that situation, a cozy pair of handknit socks on your toes never hurts either.

For more information on this project, see my Ravelry project page here.

16 thoughts on “Retort, from the Conversation Socks Collection”

  1. Beautiful socks and stunning wool!
    The first photograph of the ball of wool and needles looks so creative..
    Makes me want to get knitting right away!

    1. There *is* something special about those moments just before you start a project — anything is possible, right?! And you probably should get knitting straight away. 😉

      1. Definitely. I’ll be starting on a snood scarf after work tonight I think.

        I must say, your blog is fantastic – simply inspiring!

  2. Oh they are lovely! I do love the colors – they work very well with that pattern.

    LOVE Knitter’s Pride needles. I have many, both interchangable and circular. 🙂

    1. You know, I fell in love with the skein and ordered it, but when I got it I had no idea how I wanted to handle it. This was a perfect fit — I feel very lucky!

      I’ve just recently started to get to know Knitter’s Pride needles and — like I said in the post — I’m impressed. I will have another couple reviews in the coming weeks of some of their products. 🙂

    1. They do! Depending on — you know, life — I can whip up sport weight socks super quickly. I actually just did a worsted weight pair — talk about crazy fast! Totally impractical if you want to actually wear them in shoes, but down right cozy for around the house!

  3. Just lovely! I just signed up for a class over on Craftsy….My First Socks….I want to learn, and the class was a sale. I envy the beautiful socks I see posted here and there and I feel I too can one day own a pair of stunning socks! Sandy

      1. Oh great! Thank you! I will! I copied the link. Yes, I just downloaded the Android app for my Samsung tablet so I can sit in a quite room of the house and work on learning! Lol! I have to work with no distractions, and I think it will be a very helpful class. I was lucky to grab a sale! Will check out your group! Sandy

    1. Sport-weight socks really depend on the shoes for me as to whether or not I can wear them out and about. BUT where I live, having warmer socks for around the house elevates the ‘ol comfort level by a ton!

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