11 Random Things on a Tuesday

My daughter’s birthday is this coming Sunday and I’ve literally been knitting on her gift — a complete set of Susan B Anderson’s Mary, Millie, and Morgan dolls — at every non-obvious opportunity. I had forgotten/blocked how slow-going knitted toys can be and totally did not comprehend how late I would have to stay up in the evenings and how early I would be waking up in order to make any sort of headway on them. My husband has been  very understanding — while I think he knows how hard I’m working to make this special for our little girl, I have a sneaking suspicion that he thinks I have finally lost it with this one. He has no patience for handcrafts of any sort and when I get myself into a project that starts to stress me out/exacerbate me, well, he just kind of looks at me with disbelief and thinly veiled tongue-biting. But bite his tongue he does and I thank him for that because even though this project is driving me a little over the edge, I am really excited to give it to our daughter on Sunday.

So, since I really need to be knitting on a doll dress right now, I thought rather than my usual longer, story-type post, today I’d just share a short random list of fun & interesting stuff that’s been happening here lately.

1. Despite my panties being in a bundle about being down to the wire, the aforementioned dolls are coming along right on time. At this moment, I have 2 dresses, 3 shawls, and their mary-jane shoe details left to go. It’s really not too much considering I have until Sunday, but I am not one who likes to flirt with deadlines. So I am pushing through this like no-one’s business. They got their faces and hair a couple nights ago (and when I say ‘night’ I mean I was up about 4hours past by bedtime making this happen).


I can tell you my official crafting nemesis is the freaking french knot which took me an embarrassingly long time to get the hang of. And yes, each of the dolls is different at the body/leg transition. No, it was not on purpose. Yes, I will explain more later. You’ll love that story.


But the colorwork skirts were a lot of fun. Occasionally I briefly flirt with the idea of making extra clothes in different colors, but so far have come to my senses before really going head-first down the rabbit hole.

2. The family & I have been taking some really wonderful fall hikes in the area. I am in love with the carpet of leaves we walk on each day and I’m happy to say we saw the first juncos of the season yesterday.


I’m also a huge fan of what ‘considerable cloudiness’ looks like on The Marsh.


3. My husband orchestrated a picnic for us yesterday where this was my view.


We could hear cranes calling in the background and he made the simplest, most delicious picnic ever…


Garlic butter crackers, summer sausage, cucumber, and white sharp cheddar cheese. I don’t know what it is, but to me this super basic picnic ‘meal’ is a million times better than any fancy meal in a restaurant.  We’ve never tried cracker sandwiches with cucumber before and I have to say it was really delicious!

4. This came in the mail today for a future project.


It’s going to be fantastic.

5. The dog’s issues are starting to look much better — thanks for all your concern & advice!


He does continue to radiate awesome, as well, even in his sleep.

6. At one point I was so bored with the doll project, I started pre-watching & taking notes for my new Craftsy class, New Directions in Lace: Hats with Courtney Kelley & Kate Gagnon Osborne. For now, let’s not talk about the fact that I was so bored with my own required knitting that I apparently had to start watching someone else knit something more interesting in order to stay sane. It’s a new level of obsessed that I just don’t want to address.


In any case, the class is really well done & I’m taking time to really use the Craftsy platform and all its bells and whistles. I’ll be knitting the projects up and doing a full review in the next couple weeks, but I can already say that even though I’m pretty experienced with lace knitting, including hats, I’m picking up some awesome tips & tricks here. If you’re interested, this link with give you $10 off this fab class!

7. My husband had the kids turning over logs on one of our recent hikes and my daughter found this worm.


She named him Sir Squirmsalot and thoroughly examined how he moves. And yes, she is wearing a cowl made of the second most expensive yarn I’ve ever knit because she loves it so much I couldn’t say no.

8. While on our mini-vacation the other weekend, my sister-in-law spent a ton of time with the kids doing origami (she has a lot of patience).


So now I’m learning, too, so I can help my son. I made Tootsie here a Samurai helmet. And later youtube taught me how to do a petal fold and it blew my mind.

9. For school this morning my son needed to list some things he cold explain clearly. This is his list:

aldo listTelling time. Cutting cheese (not the slang, believe it or not). Alligator wrestling. Fossil finding. Climbing a climbing wall. If you’re interested in learning how to do these things, my son is apparently your man.

10. I got this new travel mug with a blue jay on it and I kind of love it.


11. We totally did this to our poor dog.


I love this dog so much. “Gentle Giant” is the perfect way to describe him. He was not very pleased here, but he also took a nice long time before he bothered to move.

Well, my lunch break is over and I definitely need to get that doll dress I’m knitting out and ready for some down time this afternoon and evening. I hope you enjoyed my little list of randomness. I have a few FOs I need to share with you when I’ve got a bit more time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even see the completed Mary, Millie, and Morgan set soon!

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  1. Where did you get the Blue Jay mug???? I must have one! Lol. My hubby makes the exact same kind of “lunches” for our winter hikes/ski trips but minus the cucumber & apples in its place. May have to experiment next time. The doll set is fantastic, can’t wait to see them in all their clothed glory. About a decade ago I embarked on a similar project for my daughter with the Claire Garland book Knitted Babes. We now have four dolls and at least 25 clothing pieces and looking back I cannot believe I did that–what.a.lot.of.work. The faces were the worst part–stitched on felt pieces done before stuffing so I was never sure if I had the tension right with the felt pieces. Nightmare. I am sure it will be the most lovely, wonderful heirloom doll set for my great-grandchildren someday…at least it better be, ha!

    1. I got the Blue Jay mug at a local co-op near my sister, but here is a link to an online shop where you can get it. http://www.shopvesseldrinkware.com/products/blu88371

      What is it with knitted toys?! I have done a set of dinosaurs for my kids and when my son was young i did a whole intarsia “transportation” blanket that had like 10colors going at once. It was a nightmare, but to this day he sleeps with it every night! There were also a set of toys – a cab, a pickup, a sailboat, and a car (i think) that went with it. It seems it takes me a minimum of 3 years to recover from these projects, so perhaps – since my daughter will be 10 in three years (gulp) i will get a respite from toy making until grandchildren come along….

  2. I laughed at your husband’s complete lack of understanding of handicrafts. I have exactly the same problem with mine.
    I see my past time as a way to create and relax during the evenings with the family.
    He sees it as ‘extra work’ I’ve set myself. He thinks I should be ‘doing nothing’ for that hour or so and that I would find that more relaxing?????????

    1. Exactly! And he *really* does not understand why I would ever continue when conditions aren’t perfect — like when my attention starts to wane or I have to rip big chunks out of a project. I’m just glad he is happy I’m happy and let’s me do my thing and that he only really speaks up when I’ve legitimately gone too far off the rails. 🙂

  3. sounds like you are one busy lady! I love the story about watching other people knit because your project is so boring. Yet you persevere – good for you!

    1. I would stall on almost every project if I didn’t push through the finish line as I have a serious tendency to lose focus toward the end of a project. I’ve never actually watched other people knit during this time, but it was oddly comforting — lol!

    1. Actually no. Usually on these types of trips I may or may not knit on the way, but the knitting stays in the car. It’s one of my personal rules — as much as I love knitting, it’s important for me to put the knitting down sometimes. It’s important for my family to see that, too. 🙂

  4. Wonderful picnic lunch – it’s been a long time since we did that, you have inspired me [once I get my diabetic shoes – need support]. But I have an understanding husband – he makes split cane fishing rods, and smiles when I knit while walking.

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