In Review: Nova Platina DPNs

As you well know, socks have been the focus of my 2014 knitting. I currently have pair #19 & #20 on the needles (technically #18 & #20 due to a leap-frogging incident, but that’s beside the point here). It’s no small miracle since I went into the year with one or two handknit socks in my sock drawer. As you can imagine when you knit this many pairs of socks, good quality, comfortable needles for the job are really important.

When it comes to sock knitting needles, I tend to run the gamut. While it’s true that I will use magic loop almost as often as double pointed needles (DPNs), I tend to default to using DPNs. Personally, I like the rhythm of a comfortable set of double-points. We are all aware that there are no shortage of options within the double-pointed needle market — from the simple differentiation between metal & wood, to more detailed distinctions between type of wood, type of metal, how they are polished, and what coatings are applied. I started off with bamboo needles way back in the early days of my knitting and now, with the exception of the occasional foray into rosewood, I tend to stick with metal. Naturally when I had the opportunity to test drive Knitter’s Pride new Nova Platina 6″ double-points for a review, I jumped. I was so excited to try them out after picking them up at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival that I didn’t even wait to get home to get my stitches on these new needles…

IMG_6353I started knitting with them in the car!

My first impression was that they felt great in my hands. They are slightly heavier than the metal Hiya-Hiya double pointed needles I had been knitting with, but the extra weight makes the needles feel substantial without being heavy. The points of these needles are perfect for sock knitting — sharp, but not so sharp that they slow you down splitting plies. Within a couple rounds, I was in a great rhythm — I completely think that tiny bit of extra weight actually made it easier for me to move stitches from needle to needle. I was pretty impressed and so happy to have replaced my other needles. I was even happier that I had a whole set of Nova Platinas to complement my sock knitting toolkit!

The Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina 6″ Double Pointed Needle Set – available also in 5″ sets if that’s your preference – includes 5 needles in each of the following sizes: US sizes 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3, so it really is a great addition for any sock knitter as it contains all the most commonly used needle sizes used in making socks. I have fancier needles, sure, and I love them, but there is something really great about a well-designed needle that is also affordable.Β  And the Nova Platinas are just that. Individually, the sets of 5 needles are available for between $6 & $8 from WEBS. The 6″ set of DPNs is under $40. In my opinion, this are an exceptional kit of needles for that price. No question.

While the above needles are still on the needles (they are the leaped socks in the leap-frogging that happened), I am finally getting back to them. I’m also working with my size 2s for the Knitter’s Pride Conversation Socks KAL. It’s so convenient that for this KAL all the socks are knit in sport-weight yarn so I don’t even have to free up my in-use needles!

IMG_6611And these socks are proving to be completely addictive. As promised by the designer, the pattern is interesting without really requiring a ton of focus, so I am cruising on them. Progress is aided, of course, by my lovely Nova Platinas.

Whether you are thinking about getting your first set of DPNs, looking for a travel kit (wow! this would be perfect!), or just looking to try something new,Β  I definitely recommend you take a look at the new Nova Platinas from Knitter’s Pride. I enjoyed my test drive so much that I’m going to keep on “driving” them for a good long while. I think you might love them, too!

8 thoughts on “In Review: Nova Platina DPNs”

  1. love those socks! I have never gotten comfortable with DPNs, so you always amaze me with your skill on them I was using two circulars until I spotted Claire at Mollie&Claire using a tiny circular. I never knew they existed, and got one on her recommendation. Most of the socks I knit for your KAL are on that needle. Have you ever considered using a tiny circular? I wonder what you thought of it, if you did?

    1. I have used 9″ circulars and I actually really like them. I had some serious doubts when I first tried them, but I love how simple they make basic socks. The only thing about them I don’t care for as much is having to have another needle to turn heels and do toes. Since I’m on-the-go a lot, I like not having to worry about having an extra tool along. It’s not that it’s a huge deal, it’s just one little preference I have.

      As I’ve said though, I kind of go back and forth on what tools I use. I think I’m actually speedier on the 9″ circs, but these days I like the ease and comfort of my DPNs. Now that you’ve planted the seed in my mind again, though, I will probably be compelled to try the 9″ circs again sometime!

      1. Planting seeds is always fun. πŸ™‚ Yes, the extra needle is something I have to plan for – am I near the end, will I want to cast on sock 2 before I get home again? I know no tricks for the toe thing, but the short row heel solves the needing the extra needle for the heel. Of course, you make me wonder why I can’t get along with DPNs, and so perhaps I should try them again on my next pair. Unless you are planning a challenge again, then I should save that for such an event. πŸ™‚

      2. I don’t have a challenge on the horizon. I have a little something planned for the last couple weeks of the KAL (and some giveaway yarns to distribute), but other than that I’ve planned to not push anyone during the holiday season. The holidays are stressful enough! πŸ™‚

      3. OK, then I will see what I can do with the next pair and some dpns!

        Christmas and crafting does get stressful, but I have already figured out – socks make great presents. πŸ™‚ I have a pair tucked away for a niece, and I have measurements of lots of other feet of the “kids” in the family – mostly in their 20’s but loving enough to wear whatever I knit for them.

      4. I think WordPress ate my reply…

        Anyway, I will try a pair on dpns with my next pair – and Christmas wont; be as stressful fro me this year – socks make great presents!

  2. I was a DP for socks until I was “converted” – fighting and screaming into the world of 2 circulars – when I knit at the top of the bleachers in a kid’s basketball game, it’s really nice to know I won’t drop a needle, or pull the wrong one out. I did try the tiny circulars, but found my fingers would cramp – maybe I’m just not dexterous enough. But I always have socks going somewhere in the house or car or wherever!

    1. I go across the board — magic loop, 2circs, dpns — and I tend to use all techniques depending on where I am and what I’m doing. I think circs for working in bleachers is a fantastic idea!

      The tiny circs definitely take some getting used to — It is a really different position in which you need to hold your hands.

      And I agree! I have socks going all the time now and I love it!

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