Chill Chaser

You know, Spud & Chloe is such darn nice yarn. Their Sweater line — made from 55% wool & 45% organic cotton is super soft and has easy care requirements. That’s why when I heard about the Chill Chaser KAL I was really tempted. Then I saw the prize they were giving away — and even though I never win anything — well, it sealed the deal. I had to go for it. Knowing that I had just finished a sweater for myself and my daughter has outgrown a lot of her sweaters and sweatshirts, I opted to knit my Chill Chaser for her.

IMG_5882My girl is a crazy fiend for pink — she is equal parts princess and tomboy — so I selected Jellybean & Manatee from the loads of beautiful colors in the Spud & Chloe Sweater line for the colorblock version of this super cute sweater.

IMG_5889When it arrived, my daughter gave it her stamp of approval… and then she spent the following 20minutes trying to convince me that I had told her she could knit with it. What can I say? This kid has excellent taste!

IMG_6296-0.JPGI definitely had some concerns while knitting this — the children’s sizes have a little ‘poof’ in lieu of waist shaping and I didn’t realize this until I was sitting there with 10″ of sweater meant for my daughter that would literally fit me. There were some moments of panic and inquiring emails, but lo & behold, it all came together just fine. In fact, I love the fit on my girl.

This photo was when I had finished all the knitting, but had yet to block. I almost didn’t get it back for blocking.

But I managed it and yesterday I sewed on the buttons. And quickly after school and before a chilly autumn rain started to fall I attempted to get some nice photos for the finished sweater.

Someone, however, was too excited to pose nicely. Instead I got very different results. Usually I would push a little harder to get those perfect photos, but this… it was just not going to happen. So instead I got this…

oh myAnd this…

What theAnd this…

crazy gnomeI swear I straightened her skirt before we started taking these — as if you even noticed in the presence of all the… uh… personality present.

pretty ok sort ofI did get this one though, which is mostly ok.

almost thereAnd this one which isn’t that bad either.

Suffice to say, this sweater is LOVED. And there is a zero percent chance that I will get it back in order to get detail photos of the seaming or the lovely Alison Wheeler buttons — grey with just a light wash of pinky-purple. I got to meet Alison at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival and I have to say her ceramic buttons are absolutely gorgeous. She also makes some of the most beautiful yarn bowls and mugs I’ve seen — it was crazy hard to not bring one of each home with me from the festival. Thank goodness she sells on Etsy and I can follow her on her website and on Facebook. Anyways, the buttons are perfect, they blend with just that little glaze that picks up the pink yarn.

This one is a really fun knit in a truly lovely yarn. If you haven’t jumped on the Chill Chaser KAL bandwagon, there’s still plenty of time to complete this fun knit by the deadline of October 31st. You can get all the details on what you need to do to qualify here on the Spud & Chloe blog and in the Spud & Chloe Ravelry Group. The only downside to knitting this sweater for my girl is that now I kind of want one for myself! Maybe in Rainstorm + Chocolate Milk or Penguin + Manatee…  Oh, I think I might need to re-categorize this knit from ‘fun’ to ‘dangerous’!

For more information on my Chill Chaser Sweater, please see my Ravelry project page here.

20 thoughts on “Chill Chaser”

  1. I must correct you. Those pictures ARE perfect. They perfectly capture her personality and her pleasure over the finished object. I LOVE the poof to the sweater, such a cute look for little girls!

    1. So true! Although it always feel different when you go into a ‘photoshoot’ with other outcomes in mind… LOL! I agree, I totally was not into the poof when I first figured out it was there, but now I adore it! This is why I rarely alter a pattern, especially on the first go. If it’s a good designer, I’ve learned to trust their vision.

  2. Hey Sarah – Love the pictures. Captures her personality perfectly. The sweater is so cute and in my favorite Spud and Chloe, I am tempted to try to find my needles in this new house mess.

    1. Don’t they? She’s such a ham. I must say I definitely don’t envy the unpacking you must be going through. You probably deserve to find those needles and knit a new sweater after the last 6months you’ve had! D was just asking yesterday how you guys were doing – I hope everything is going well!

  3. What a beautiful model! The sweater is lovely, too. Grey & pink (or brown & pink) is one of my top five color pairings. In one of her all equally-excellent photos she looks the spitting image of a young (adorable) Dakota Fanning. I love her curls!!! Way to go, Mom!

    1. Aw, thanks! She is quite a ham – that is for sure! Another reason I had to take the photos at this time was her hair was freshly washed and combed – lol!

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