Moutain Colors Perspectives + Pussywillow Mitts

Sometimes a deadline can be a welcome distraction. This was our first full week of homeschooling and it definitely had its ups and downs. Since I tend to over-think and then over-correct before I let things play out and settle, having promised the folks at Mountain Colors that I’d try to wrap-up my latest project in their yarn by the 12th of September turned out to be a tremendous gift. It was a somewhat loose deadline — exactly what I needed this week — but it was a welcome challenge that was do-able and fun and it was relief each night to sit down with a project that was involved enough to require some attention as to take my mind off the busy day that had passed.

I have to be honest with you — when it comes to Mountain Colors yarns, I own some in my stash and I’ve recommended it a lot over the years. I’ve heard and read nothing but good things about it. That being said, I’d never actually knit with it — a horrific truth that for which I have no good excuse. That being said, I jumped at the chance to try out one of the Perspectives Gradient Packs.

When it arrived, I instantly noted the springy spin of the yarn as well as the gorgeous hues of the River Wash Sport in the Blue/Turquoise gradient.

IMG_6227My only complaint is that my cameras have a really hard time picking up the subtle variations between the colors in this pack. Ranging from a deep almost purple-ish blue to an almost green-ish turquoise, this gradient pack is lush.

I set about finding the perfect pattern to use as much of this yarn as I could as well as showcase the gradient. What I found was the Pussywillow Mitts pattern by Andrea Rangel. Published in Knitty’s Fall 2013 issue, this pattern wasn’t exactly knit up in the same way I had in mind, but I had a pretty good idea that it would work perfectly.

IMG_6266At about this moment, I knew for sure that I had a winner. I fell in love with the stitch definition of this yarn-pattern combination. I even knit it slightly tighter to get a little bit more out of the yarn as well as make for a more snug fit — I leaned on a German Twisted Cast-On as well as that super springy spin of the yarn to make this all work out.

IMG_6361-0.JPGAnd work out it did! I divided the 13″ length by 5 (for the 5 colors in the pack) and from this I knew that I needed to knit about 2.6″ in each color — this was pretty close to the full mini-skeins. I also knit these two-at-a-time so that they’d match and to make the color distribution easier. I will say that I began the project with 2-at-a-time magic loop just because I didn’t want to track down an extra set of needles. I don’t recommend this. At all. This stitch pattern requires you to be able to move stitches back and forth between the back and front needle and as you can imagine this was a pain in the behind when working them 2-at-a-time. Not impossible, but not fun. Luckily, I got a set of Karbonz interchangeable needles at WI Sheep & Wool and promptly moved one mitt onto my new needles.

IMG_6376 They. Are. Awesome. Light in my hands and with a tip that isn’t too sharp, but not too dull either. The knitting was much smoother from here on out.

And the final result…

FO close-up hand-inI’m just so happy.

FO no handThey are a full-length mitt that span from elbow to midway up my fingers and span that deep purple-blue to the bright turquoise.

FO hand-inThey are comfy and warm and just beautiful.

I really recommend this pattern & yarn combination. I think the stitch pattern is simple to memorize yet interesting to knit and it lends itself really nicely to working with gradient yarns. While I like having a little coverage for my thumb, I often find those little ‘coverages’ to be ill-fitting (I have really weirdly shaped thumbs), so I like that these mitts keep it simple and just create a simple thumb hole by knitting back and forth.

All in all, this project was nothing but fun. Beautiful colors. Really lovely, soft yarn with a lot of fun bounce. And a fun stitch pattern. What more could I ask for? Oh wait, I know what I could ask for… more Mountain Colors yarn! Thank goodness I have a skein in my stash!

For more details on this project, check out my Ravelry project page here.

16 thoughts on “Moutain Colors Perspectives + Pussywillow Mitts

      1. I’m contemplating buying some today. I’ve been knitting with Knit Picks interchangables for years and I haven’t even tried any others. Yours look so luxurious.

      2. I actually haven’t ever tried Knit Picks (it’s really strange that I haven’t!), but like I said, I do really like that the Karbonz are very lightweight and the tip is really nice. If you have a local yarn shop that is a retailer, they may let you test drive a pair – that’s always reassuring if you can try them first. Or you can just treat yourself! 😉 they are really darn nice. 🙂

  1. Love these mitts [I just hate knitting fingers], and the length is wonderful – the warmer your arms and wrists are, the warmer your hands are. Northwoods folks need this.

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