Meet me in Jefferson!

Yesterday I told you about the awesome festival specials being offered by Green Mountain Spinnery, Bijou Basin Ranch, and Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber. I did not, however, mention the fact that a number of you have voiced interest in a Knitting Sarah/Socks with Sarah meet-up at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI. Well, I have some bad news & some good news on that point.

The bad news is that I contacted the festival offices and they informed me that there really aren’t any areas in the venue that would reliably have seating for a group (outside of classes, etc). They mention some benches under a flagpole, but that seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. So sadly I’ve opted to not organize any sort of sit & stitch kind of situation. I just can’t in good conscience invite a group to meet me and not have basics, like enough seating and shade, guaranteed. Bummer, right?!

Well, I said there was good news, too!  Hearing of this plight, Natalie from Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber very kindly offered to let me hang out in her booth for a bit!  This way, you can pop in, say hi, and ogle the yarn with me & any Knitting Sarah/Socks with Sarah friends who might also stop by. Remember, Natalie has so kindly custom dyed a Knitting Sarah/Socks with Sarah colorway…

quick's pointRemember ‘Quick’s Point’ from yesterday?

quick's point 2I’m sure that you do — how could you forget it! Honestly I just wanted an excuse to post the photos again because it’s so pretty. So, come by the Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber booth (Country Store West booth #732) between 3pm and 4pm on either (or both — I’ll be there both days!) Friday or Saturday and I’ll be there with all the pretties.  Obviously, this won’t be a sit & stitch situation, but it’ll be a way that we can all cross paths in the presence of some amazing yarn & fiber — I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with that!

If that timing doesn’t work for you and you’re still hoping to say hi, I’d totally love to meet you. I’ll be live-tweeting where I’m at in the festival. You’ll know it’s me by my name tag…

IMG_6253I’ll proudly wear this while I’m at the festival so I’ll be easy to spot.

I’ll also probably be the only 34year-old woman walking with one of these…

lekiMy trusty Leki Wanderfruend will be kind enough to assist my legs throughout the festival.

I hope to meet you in Jefferson!

10 thoughts on “Meet me in Jefferson!”

  1. Thanks for all the lovely specials yesterday – I look forward to the WI Sheep & Wool every year. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get to meet you in person!

  2. Hi Sarah, I’ll stop by for sure! I’ve been going almost every year for over ten years now. Both to watch the sheep dog herding trials, and see the wonderful fiber artists. Doesn’t get better than that. Look forward to meeting you.

  3. So great to hear that we can meet you there. The sheep and wool festival has been an annual favorite of mine for years. Sheepdog trials and fiber arts- a perfect day. Looking forward to meeting you.

  4. Have fun! Wisconsin will be in my dreams this weekend….and always, of course. With lots of sheep and cheese curds. And white pines. And loons on the lake. And the rolling hills of St. Croix County…ack, I need to go home! Lol.

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