Watch While I Knit All the Things

It’s Labor Day weekend and where I am, that means it’s the ‘official’ start to autumn. This translates to one thing for knitters: the burning desire, the NEED to knit ALL THE THINGS because winter is coming and we simply must have all the warm things knit and ready to wear.

Normally after a finish like that with my Little Wave sweater (that waits patiently for its pockets), I move on to my regularly scheduled program…

IMG_5879My String Theory Colorworks After Thought Heel socks. Usually this one project would be plenty to occupy me. But not during Labor Day weekend. Oh, no.

Despite the thrill of putting in the rip-cord for my first afterthought heel, I also felt the need to cast-on another project…

IMG_5892These will be the Pussywillow Mitts using Mountain Colors Perspectives River Wash Sport, a pack of five mini-skeins in a beautiful gradient that range from deep blues to turquoise. I wasn’t quite sure if this was going to work, but I am officially sold. These mitts are going to be beautiful.

Could I stop there?

Of course not!

I also wound the yarn for the the Spud & Chloe Chill Chaser KAL

IMG_5882I need another KAL like I need a hole in the head, but Stef from Handmade by Stefanie twisted my arm (not that it took much) and made the point that kid sizes count, too. So I’m making a Chill Chaser for my girl…

IMG_5889I’m pretty sure I won’t regret it. I haven’t let her know this yarn is destined for a sweater for her yet, but I thought it was funny that when she picked it up her immediate reaction was, “Mom, this is so soft!Β  I want to knit with it!”Β  She then spent the next 10minutes trying to convince me that I told her she could have it. She’s been working very hard on her knitting and is dying to graduate to her next project, preferably with luxury yarn. What can I say? She is her mother’s daughter.

I’m also thinking about the spinning project I have to ply… and the beautiful Cloudlover Catalina fiber I want to whip up into some cute yarn. Oh, and I was thinking about trying to make a stuffed cat for my kids with my Zoom Loom.




Yes, go ahead. Watch while I knit, spin, and weave ALL THE THINGS. Autumn’s here, so I NEED to knit all the warm things for winter. This mentality, it’s totally sane and reasonable, right?

Maybe don’t answer that… I’m too busy knitting to really contemplate the answer anyway.

20 thoughts on “Watch While I Knit All the Things”

  1. The slide into autumn is only made lovely and exciting by the fact that I own knitting needles and yarn ……..

      1. Snow is fine. I can live with snow. It’s the cold that eats up heating oil that gets me down. I’m going to have a pellet stove put in the fireplace this year ….. that’ll help!

      2. My parents have a pellet stove in addition to their wood heater and they LOVE it. House stays a little cooler, but it’s way easier and saves on splitting wood. πŸ™‚ Hope it helps you, too!

  2. The promise of autumn weather always makes me keen to knit more too (if that’s possible, seeing as I knit all year round, just less furiously during the warmer months!). I look forward to seeing that yummy lux pink yarn knitted up – how fab that you have a real little knitter following in your footsteps. I can’t persuade the boys in my family to take up the pins!

    1. My son is actually a much more prolific knitter than my daughter. He’s a little older, so it’s easier for him as he’s more dextrous. He really took to it this spring and has been working here and there on a toy snake for himself. He’s a great student as he’s very patient. My daughter tends to want to put the cart before the horse, if you know what I mean. πŸ™‚

  3. Knit away, Sarah… πŸ™‚ You are such an inspiration to us all! I love seeing all that you are doing, and I have always loved autumn without knitting…my dreamy thoughts have always been sitting by the fire in winter in a cozy house snowbound and knitting, spinning etc…. maybe I’ll do that some this winter, and in autumn, as well… thanks to you. πŸ™‚

    1. Absolutely! I’m generally not into knitting a bunch of projects at the same time, but right now, it’s all good. I keep telling myself they are a lot of quick projects… I intend to keep telling myself that — LOL!

  4. Normally I’m just as excited by the return of “knitting weather”…but is just has *not* returned here yet! It is so hot and sticky here I’m actually knitting less than most of the summer!

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