I Lost the Game, But I’m Still a Winner

Well, it’s official, I’ve lost the game of yarn chicken I was playing with my Little Wave sweater.  I knew it was going to be tight, but I was hopeful that I might be able to eek it out of the yarn I had despite the fact that I was 50yards short of the yarn requirement listed on the pattern.


unfinished pocketsI have one complete sweater save for its pockets. I’ll admit I’m a little bummed that I won’t have it 100% complete for the big Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival next weekend, but I’m looking at the bright side. Since I have zero delusions about being able to find a matching dye lot for my yarn having bought it a year ago, I’m thankful I didn’t run out before finishing the main body of the sweater. If the pockets are a slightly different shade, well, I don’t mind that at all.

body shotAnd let’s not forget that I cranked out this sweater in under a month and it’s insanely beautiful. It’s warm and cozy and just a sweater I will wear… a lot. The Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool proved to be a wonderful alternative to the recommended Brooklyn Tweed — the stitch definition is great (this photo is pre-blocking, so that stitch pattern will just pop once it’s been washed) and I actually think the depth of color is richer.

full sweater pre blockAll in all, I may have lost the game of yarn chicken, but I think I’m a pretty big winner.

As for the extra yarn, well, luckily Green Mountain Spinnery will be at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool again this year, so I should be able to pick up my extra skein directly from them next week. Who am I kidding? I’ll be getting two skeins just to be absolutely sure there’s no way I’ll run out!

11 responses to “I Lost the Game, But I’m Still a Winner

  1. there could be a possibility to find the same shade by checking on revelry – i heard that people in the past had been able to locate a much needed ball in the right bath through revelry stashes.
    It looks gorgeous!

    • I *could* do that, so true. I could make any effort at all to track down the dye lot, but honestly I’m not that fussy. Lol! Thanks for the tip though!

  2. sweater looks so soft and cozy! I like idea of contrast pockets, but no matter what you decide – OF COURSE get extra. You might need a matching hat!

  3. I have only knit with their wool once, a witch’s hat, but I loved it. I loved the way my hands were so moisturized after knitting! The sweater is beautiful and I think I, myself, would actually prefer a different shade of blue or even grey for the pockets, but I’m probably a little funky that way. 😉

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