Beautiful Jeck

Way back in February one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa at MisoCraftyKnits, posted about her latest in-progress socks, Jeck. Part of the appeal was the beautiful yarn, but part of it was the recommendation of the relatively easy, but interesting stitch pattern. Jeck was officially on my mind.  When I saw her finished socks up on Instagram, I became just totally enamored with the stitch pattern. I instantly had the inclination to knit up a pair of solid red socks with the pattern. At the time we had just finalized our South Dakota plans and I was placing an order with Sweet Georgia Yarns for a skein of BFL Sock in the Magpie colorway, so I threw in a skein of CashLuxe Fine in China Doll for good measure. The yarn arrived, it was gorgeous and amazing and, of course,  as life goes I stashed it. I had other things going on with my needles and it was just going to have to wait a bit.

And then a few months passed.

As the South Dakota trip neared, it was clear that my China Doll Jeck socks were not going to happen anytime soon and yet I still really wanted to knit the pattern. I opted to amend my plans just a little and work on Jeck with my skein of Magpie.

20140808-165934-61174472.jpgOf course, knitting time was limited on the vacation and the actual magpies I hoped to see were nowhere to be seen. Life goes on though, right?  I just kept knitting away and just shy of a month after starting, I wrapped the project up.

leg As expected, the stitch pattern was really easy & fun and I think it looks really beautiful. I did slightly alter the heel — instead of a stockinette heel flap, I made a slipped stitch one. Same stitch counts, everything else is the same, just a slip 1, knit 1 on the right side of the heel flap.

toeThe toes, well, I sort of followed the directions there. It seems a lot of people have just gone with a plain old standard toe on these. I thought I’d give the pattern instructions a try, but then totally misread them and instead of staying in the pattern I ended up breaking up the purl columns into a garter situation. I thought about going back and fixing it on the first one, but opted against it. While I probably wouldn’t repeat the boo-boo, I also think it looks just fine, so I left it and made sock #2 match. Why not?

whole sockOverall, I think these socks turned out just beautifully. Of course, I love the rich, moody color of Sweet Georgia Yarns’ Magpie and I found the BFL Sock to a very no-nonsense sock yarn. Soft and almost silky feeling, it doesn’t have a ton of bounce, but you can just tell the BFL will wear well. The fit of the pattern is a bit more snug than your average pattern thanks to the slipped stitches, but they are very comfy.

Another pair of socks in the books for the Socks with Sarah KAL — these are number 16 for the year for me!  I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed I’d knit up this many pairs. But it’s true, my sock drawer is filling up. And as the weather is starting to cool down a bit, I’m getting pretty excited to start wearing all these beautiful socks!

For more information about this project, you can see my Ravelry project page here.


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Jeck”

  1. I love these – will try them in Sweet Georgia I think it’s Sunset ……… I love the pattern. i wish I had 16 pairs done – so far only 5 …… not bad since May!

  2. Very nice! These remind me of some of the basic sock patterns from Nancy Bush’s _Knitting Vintage Socks_. Sometimes simple is best!

  3. When you showed the pattern in your blog, I fell in love with them. On my vacation I made myself a pair. They are really nice.

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