Two Days, Unexpected Surprises

So. We had our Door County adventure. A day at the county fair. A day in a slot canyon & the International Crane Foundation. That brings us to Friday. We decided to let our son choose our day’s activity. He selected climbing and swimming at Devil’s Lake State Park.

This park is in the realm of not quite near to home, but not exactly far so we visit sporadically. It’s another park that’s very popular because it is so unique for the area — it may be one of the few places in Southern Wisconsin where you feel almost as though you are climbing  mountain. We have been slowly working on the kids’ bouldering skills on the large talus fields and they have gotten to be quite the little mountain goats. Usually I stay behind and sit by the lake as the climbing is hard on my bum hip, but this time I opted to climb a short way up and find a nice place to knit while the rest of my clan climbed. I scrambled up a bit this…

IMG_6122a few yards below the trees is the trail and the bright light illuminating the background is the lake.

IMG_6124And I found a couple rocks in the sun that formed a super comfy little chair. And away I went with my latest socks — knit in String Theory Colorworks Inertia in the Meissner Effect colorway using Laura Linneman’s AfterThought Heel Socks as my guide. I kind of wish I could knit in this exact spot everyday.

From here, everyone changed into swimming suits and went for a swim. With my head and nose still suffering the effects of my cold, I set up a seat where I could watch over the kiddos and continued with my knitting. As I clicked away a woman walking down the path smiled and me and then walked over. In a thick accent, she said, “I do this. Can I watch?” Of course, I told her sure. She watched carefully for a minute and then said, “I make differently. I show you?” I, of course, said yes.

IMG_6128Whereas I can knit with the working yarn in either hand, I usually throw as in the English method. She was the opposite and she twisted her stitches. I’m leaving them as is in the sock to remember this heartwarming exchange. Isn’t this what makes knitters so great? It made me wish I had a collection of stitches from knitter’s I’ve met.

After lunch, we headed home for some down-time and while the kids chillaxed, so did I…

IMG_6116with my Little Waves sweater. I am really loving this Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool. It is so lovely.

Pretty well rested and with me mostly recovered from my cold, Saturday morning we attended a Community Days event at my husband’s work. One of the great things about his job is that the company is very involved in the community, so the kids and I got to meet a lot of the people outside the store that my husband works with which we normally don’t get to meet. Highlights of the afternoon were definitely meeting the K-9 pup & a tour of the SWAT truck. Oh, and the candy at every table, of course.

From there we headed to another community event, Warbirds & Classics Over the Midwest. Another connection through work, this event is an airshow for remote control aircraft. Not just any rc aircraft though, some of the largest in the nation flown by some of the top pilots.

IMG_6155I took some video that did not turn out very well, but suffice to say it was a sight to see. These planes are pretty incredible and the things these pilots do with them are pretty amazing. We were all pretty wowed and are definitely excited to visit again next year.

On the way home, we stopped at the kids’ favorite pizza restaurant and then we grabbed out suits and went from a swim at our local pool. After that, we were adequately tired, so there was some more of this…

IMG_6158And a nice long evening of just being together as a family around the house.

From the discovery of a perfect knitting perch among the boulders, to meeting a Polish knitter at a park in Wisconsin, to petting a K-9 puppy, to a remote control airshow, to a little bit of sweater knitting — could a collection of days be more random?  How perfect though, how absolutely fun and perfect. I’ve found that these new and unexpected surprises in even the most familiar places are the little moments that make vacations & family time in general so special and so fun.

4 thoughts on “Two Days, Unexpected Surprises”

  1. I love that she asked if she could show you how she knits; some people grab which isn’t nice. Sharing the love of knitting is heartwarming though. Hope you start feeling better really soon!

    1. We are on the mend here — thank you! Yes, she could not have been sweet. I learned when I was teaching to always ask — students, too — if I could touch someone’s knitting. Etiquette in the knitting world!

  2. Seriously, meeting the Polish knitter is ‘only in Wisconsin’–I love it! That was awesome! I would savor those stitches, too….hmmm, collecting the stitches of knitters from around the world…perhaps an endeavor for Knitting Sarah in 2015? 🙂

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